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  1. Small tip: Learn to use turnbinds "+left" and "+right". Learning to use these is not a must, but it can elevate your overall skill and ability to improve on certain maps. By getting used to these you will have a much easier way of going through "spirals" or other parts where keeping momentum while going downwards is crucial. Ninja edit: cool guide for everyone trying to learn a bit more a bout surf in general: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144073931
  2. Add more checkpoints for linear maps, feel like a lot of the current dont have any at all
  3. The rank "Forest was never good" is also a reference to bhop
  4. Consider removing the custom ranks that have bhop references (rankmenu). Also you might wanna consider looking into demoting the old admins who are no longer admins (on the website), as im pretty sure im not an admin anymore
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