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  1. Happy birthday, cuckface!


  2. There was no argument going on, it was simple you repeating "can you shut up" to black and he asked why you were so mad. At some point it got too annoying and i muted you, which resulted in the entire server calming down.
  3. It's generally a pretty bad idea to be threatening towards staff in any way, and you won't achieve anything other than a punishment
  4. Un-mute appeal

    You were not muted with no prior warnings. A call was made that you were mic spamming, upon arrival it quickly became pretty obvious that you only behave "well" when admins are on, as you immediately started once foolish left, not knowing I'm also an admin. Now when foolish left arn said the n-word a few times and claimed "oh you cant punish me for that im part of a community", for that i gave him 5 min mute as a warning and he did not repeat. You and ice then starting spamming voicechat in which i asked "can you guys shut up?" where both of you quickly replied that i should "stfu or come on mic if you want something". For that i gave both of you 5 minute mutes, even though at this point you should have been muted for 1 week considering your previous record. Fast forward, map change, ice complains in chat and says "im gonna snap your dick in half, pussy admin" etc. For this i gave him a silence of 30 min. To follow up you made similar harassment towards the "unknown". Now this was not just "whoever muted me is a bitch" and you know that, and for that reason i decided to give you your 1 week mute considering you already had a 1 day mute on record. To explain myself a bit about the "no reason for being muted" i answered all of you with reason for every punishment in textchat, the fact that you choose to ignore that is not my fault
  5. In short, we switched timer. Because of this all times got wiped as the data couldnt be transfered (i think?)
  6. Small tip: Learn to use turnbinds "+left" and "+right". Learning to use these is not a must, but it can elevate your overall skill and ability to improve on certain maps. By getting used to these you will have a much easier way of going through "spirals" or other parts where keeping momentum while going downwards is crucial. Ninja edit: cool guide for everyone trying to learn a bit more a bout surf in general: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144073931
  7. Add more checkpoints for linear maps, feel like a lot of the current dont have any at all
  8. The rank "Forest was never good" is also a reference to bhop
  9. Consider removing the custom ranks that have bhop references (rankmenu). Also you might wanna consider looking into demoting the old admins who are no longer admins (on the website), as im pretty sure im not an admin anymore
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