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  1. No we cant do that we are too lazy
  2. Nothing is wrong with that. The thing that is wrong here is people making assumptions on how this will work.
  3. Maybe he just does not know how to actually play as him.
  4. Class E Skins

    Oh boy i sure do love paying for virtual skins that offer no real benefit other than make yourself stand out more. Jokes aside adding new classes and playing as them is always fun. As for a playermodel why not take the D-Class model (clothing) and change that to purple? And have it say "Class E" on the back like the D class model. Just for a base playermodel, nothing special.
  5. Is it bad though?
  6. Contracts

    Doors has entered the chat.
  7. Probably wont be implemented... or will it?
  8. Cant wait for this to be implemented. Oh wait.
  9. One in the chamber is a pretty simple round, you have a pistol and 1 bullet. If you hit your shot you kill the player and gain 1 additional bullet. If you miss your shot you will have to resort to your stunstick. Rules: > Round length is 5 minutes. > Gameplay takes place on the surface, elevators down to the facility are locked. > No items, just your gun and your stunstick. > Players are split into 2 teams. One team is MTF and spawns at Gate A, other team is CI and spawns at Gate B. > The 2 gates in-between Gate A and Gate B cannot be opened until the round has started. > Each player has one life only, so make it count! > The game ends when all of one team has been eliminated or the time runs out. It's a pretty short round but i think it would be fun to play. Since the gameplay takes place in an open space objects such as boxes or vehicle props should be added so players can hide behind them if needed. Feel free to add other rules/ideas.
  10. Seems that everybody is understanding this right now. As for the round idea +1
  11. SCP-860-2

    We already have the forest but it does not have any good use other than to hide in. I can see this being good, kind of like 939. +1
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