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  1. which is exactly why we are going downhill..
  2. first most of you newer folk wont renember me (hence why people thinking they are big saying "who the fuck are you/don't believe anyone is begging for your presence" in a thread i was in) im alex , i played ze/dr/mg back in the day (2013/14) i took a break throughout 2015 and came back september 2015-current. css was the main game i played at gfl , couldnt stand the daycare of gmod. it was a lovely community back then. unfortunatly it suddenly died for some reason not long after i came back. and when there was players, they were random people just joining for the gamemode. why dont you go to csgo? the game itself is terrible (i can go into detail if you want as to why/how),csgo community as a whole is mess, half the maps in gamemodes are source ports anyway and workshop is just dev texture aim map ebola so there isnt much actual content for it. the shift of focus of gfl to csgo now means the community now has the toxic tendencies that come with it. why dont you go gmod? i tried the game for 350, cant stand it, community is just as bad if not worse than csgo so goodbye, gonna find a new place to call home for a while, just gonna lurk incase there is hope.
  3. thought i'd put it here as the thread got locked lmao , by shitfest i meant just the whole money and doxxing shitfest , not the whole bloody community being a shitfest. also the part where you said "  I don't believe anyone is begging for your presence." i was on gfl for a while then took a break, i stopped posting in forums about a month after i started as there was nothing going on (this was about 2013/14.) 

  4. GFL member directory? more like the chronicles of Joshy.
  5. "that person" is mentioning soja a bannable offense now? did what he did is voldermort level shit that he is he who shall not be named? thank fuck i didn't donate, would hate to be in this shitfest.
  6. no , it means all servers , gflclan is just a meme now.
  7. try to go for the lucky 17k dream.
  8. i like the fact that you like this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. hey guys , thought i would share a creation i made. hope you enjoy it.
  10. whos gonna be in charge of donations now? i could do it for 17k a year ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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