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  1. STEAM_0:0:53558238
  2. Name: haste Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53558238 Age: 25 Server Playtime: Roughly 1000 Hours. I have around 900 on haste and around 100 hours under different names. Time you can be on & Timezone: At the moment, I'm usually on the server from 8 pm to around 3 am (EST). My playtime can vary. Why do you want to become an admin? GFL strives for a healthy environment for all players new and old to enjoy their experience. I personally believe that GFL does this the best. I want to work to support GFL ZE due to the fact that it is not just a server to me but a place where I get to interact with people from all over and to continue to enjoy the friendships that I have made. I feel that an environment that isn't welcoming to all players can potentially lead to the downfall of a server and frankly, I don't want to lose GFL CSGO ZE. I wish to give back to the server for all the memories and friends it has given me. Reason for accepting? At the moment, I have management experience that I believe will translate over to the culture of GFL. The experience that I have garnered from my management position coupled will my previous admin experience on another server allows me to have patience and decisiveness. As I've referred to above, I have created more friendships in this community then I could've ever imagined. GFL has become a place of refuge for me. GFL is a wonderful place with wonderful people and some wonderful memes (#blameha( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). I hope to provide a sense of order within the GFL CSGO ZE community. Through all of this, I hope I can accommodate new and old players a platform so that they have the opportunity to grow, thrive and reach their full potential with GFL. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  3. #DONTBLAMEHASTE!!!! but seriously, everyone has given a lot of good advice. Just have a good time, interact and don't break any rules. Good luck on your future Admin App.
  4. @Cobra Oh no problem. Just wanted to give you and the admins a heads up. Thank you for the quick response. Thank you for answering my questions. See you in ZE Cobra.
  5. Player: gamecube546 Server: (This server isn't listed on the Surf Timer forums but has GFLclan.com in the title of server. I apologize if these servers are no longer under the umbrella of GFL.) I usually don't do this, but at a certain point, the micspam becomes an annoyance. Gamecube546 was micspamming a song for almost an hour through different maps. People would !sm him but he would leave and rejoin the server and circumvent their !sm. The streamable link below will provide you the complaint that I have. I just wanted to bring this to the Surf timer staff's attention. Thank you for your time. Streamable Evidence link: https://streamable.com/u4rro
  6. Map(s): ze_new_crazy_escape_v4_1 , ze_crazy_escape_v5_5_1 , ze_temple_of_the_demon_god_v1_2 Restrictions/Limitations: No Negrev for all maps. All map modifers for only the crazy escapes not demon god. Event Time preferred: Usual Time. Reward: Anything or nothing. Staff Discretion. Others: It would fun to do a Naraka event and Temple of the Demon God has yet to be beaten since it's been updated.
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