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  1. No don’t lie, you RDM’d two people and I even watched the death scene of the second kill and on your way to kill the second guy you were taking shots at everyone’s head with a rifle and then in the report responses all up put was “you walked over an UN ID” which was a complete lie because I seen everything. I’m not going to un ban you.
  2. I’ll give you a second chance since I was given one before when I made a mistake, and it’s obvious you understand you’ve made a mistake. But please don’t mic spam anymore when you come back. I will un ban you around 2:30-3:00am when I get on for my late night shift. - Toothless 🖤
  3. No you and your friend The Engine 27 were ghosting on MC 24/7. Me and other staff members were talking about you guys for a bit also, you were both mic spamming via VC and were sus during your session on the server. When your friend shot a T on top of tower for no reason at all and said "omg I just RDMd a T lol, if I get slayed for RDM im gonna kill the admin and leave" which he ended up doing. And to be clear this RDM of the T was 30 seconds into the round and you were a T this round also. So I put 2 and 2 together and told my fellow admins I was going to ban you both for ghosting. Your friend RDMing and leaving didnt help either. (Also this is in the wrong server, you were banned on MC B5 24/7 not ROT.)
  4. Yeah I came into the server after people were blowing up the discord with pings about RDM and I seen you had 3 consecutive reports and all your responses seemed to be the same "oops sorry didnt mean to / oh I didnt see that" but I looked over the reports a second time and you had the right to kill the 3rd person. You are now unbanned and will have a RDM x2 slay when you come back, sorry for the inconvenience. :p <3
  5. Banned

    Yes I can confirm he was banned mid DM. And from what I seen while playing with him on the server, he didn’t do a whole lot of RDMING. I checked the logs and seen he killed 2 innos the round before he was banned but I never checked his karma to see if it was extremely low (which it must’ve been because I think you need under 700-600 karma for a karma ban). Personally I think Noah is not a very toxic player and he seemed to follow the rules a lot when I played with him the other day. I +vouch his unban. (Also he was NOT in the reports a lot for that entire session). I think a unban is needed and if it happens again then it must be a rdming innos while inno issue.
  6. Aye man you got a ban for 360 for killing someone and leaving. you had a autoslay and left. Not my fault you "didnt see the slay". And you had a chance to explain why you killed him, in the report response. And just because you donate money to a server doesn't mean you can break rules and expect admins to let it slide.
  7. Unban me

    Oh yes the best way to be unbanned / forgiven to is be a asshole to the admin that gave you the ban . You RDMED, so I slayed you. Then you left the game / disconnected with a auto slay. So you received a 360 minute ban for RDM and Leave x1. Have a good day.
  8. Ban appeal

    You are now permanently banned. This topic will be closed.
  9. Ban appeal

    Also, I’ve been on for 5 hours now. Paul was talking not mic spamming. Also you love to call KOS via voice chat when people are talking so no one knows who called it. I’ve been spectating you during rounds and I listened and watched for your voice to pop up. I wouldn’t ban you for no reason also, you were banned for targeting and it was justified. You constantly dedicated your time to either get Paul killed by others or kill him yourself.
  10. Ban appeal

    The reason I didn’t slay you for the RDM was because for most of the reports you would always put the “there was a KOS on you” and there wasn’t, and last time I slayed you for a false KOS you reported me for admin abuse. So I would set them to finished and I would let your little toxic spree continue so I could eventually build the evidence for a targeting ban. And if there was a KOS it was very early into the round and it was made by you or other people who hopped onto your band wagon of hate. You’ve been toxic ever since I met you, and you constantly target Paul for his voice and just because he exists. Seems like you only get on the server to take out your day to day frustration on the people of GFL because some are easy targets (such as Paul because he’s younger and will go for your back and forth argument bait). And other admins can back up my claim with you being toxic every time your on. And zero was in the lobby to see you target Paul. I’m not going to unban you Fat Thor, serve the ban, change up your act and when you come back play the game correctly.
  11. I will shorten the ban to 3 days, please link your steam ID so I can change the ban. Please dont ghost again <3
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