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  1. Yeah, where have you been? Yeah, you'll mainly see me on HnS here. After hearing that heavenly Melody that is Calamari Inkantation, I've been a squid kid since, lol. Yeah, I originally posted this on the discord, but forgot to mention that it's already colorable (and customizable in terms of skin and eye colors.)
  2. Name: Splatoon Inkling PM Suggestion Type: Playermodel Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479265317 Rank(s): Member/Supporter-VIP Cost: 10000 Description: Just wanting fresh new playermodel on the server compared to all the other playermodels out there. The above listed price is the members only price, I would suggest having the Supporters/VIP listed at around 1500 points. Just an optional note, it may need to have increased jump power set on the model itself(through pointshop), to match the base jump height of the regular models that new players have, (which may take a bit of trial and error to get it right). Do with that info as you may. And that's all the time I have, until then... Stay Fresh!
  3. I played this on a different server, so far my thoughts, it's good, although creepy imho. Looks pretty good though. Indeed there's many spots from my experience playing the map, there's also many secrets to uncover as well.(like TTT rooftops) +1
  4. Ok, on trade_clocktown_b2a, you can jump through a hole in the ground to see Link himself sitting on a stump with Tat'l the fairy coming out periodically. That and you can find the infamous Ben statue somewhere. If you play the map in sandbox mode, if you have and spend the time to wait, the actual sequence of days carries out.
  5. Yeah, tbh, New Donk City is meant for platforming( from the original game, you needed Cappy mainly to get to places, like for example, the electricity lines, or the poles.) Delfino Plaza at least has some spots, I would like to see the potential that this map has in action.
  6. From my experience exploring the map just now, it could make for a good map to play on, possibly better than gm_newdonkcity. My vote... +1
  7. Ah, I see. But I also am detecting a system that only counts 1 post in a short period of time(do correct me if I'm wrong). Anyways, case closed, feel free to lock this mods.
  8. Ok, I understand the bot being broke. As for the post count bug, I've only posted in the regular forums, some of my posts are replies to threads (this one, for example)
  9. I have 2 bugs to report. 1, I tried using the account settings to sync my TeamSpeak account to my forums account, create a new channel even, but I see nothing happen even when I'm connected to the server. I thank @Unknown for assigning my rank manually, but I still cannot create my own channel, even from my phone (I use chrome on both PC and my phone) 2, I've noticed that when posting, sometimes the post count doesn't go up as it should (I've made 13 posts, 14 with this one, and 9 are counted, 10 if this one is counted properly.)
  10. Yeah, I'd be down to play, do take note, I prefer to play with a controller. A few other games I like to play, VRChat(I love missing work people as tiny avatars), Town of Salem, I also have a PS4 with some games. As for Xbox, PC only I am, and just got the Xbox game pass(Sea of Thieves, anyone?) You know how to add me, my username is the same everywhere (same profile pic too)
  11. In that case then, yeah, I mainly used Enjin and their BBCode formatting, I see that's in use here. Even then, I see new users not knowing how to use that, even I see issues in making multiple spoilers sections, separately, and not just layered. My vote is +1
  12. Map suggestions

    I see ph_trainstation is based off the first level of HL2(as Zex mentioned most maps are based off of). I will personally check both maps in my spare time. Will give vote soon enough.
  13. While yeah, this is a good idea, server managers can easily add in links to guides they made for the server (reference to HnS, thanks Zex). But that's from my experience on Gmod, idk about other games like L4D2 or Minecraft.
  14. Depends on the situation. I've also mainly played DarkRP since I started playing Gmod. I've heard of Purge back then, and have always wondered how much different from DarkRP that gamemode is. Not trying to break any rules here, but I'd play GTA if not for me getting my own dedicated server(still figuring that all out.) That, and I just got Beat Saber, so I'm hoping to play that soon enough. I've forgotten to mention, I started playing Gmod as the Gmod 12 version was just in it sunset, and just as Gmod 13 came out.
  15. Hello everyone, I am Stormy178, I originally started playing GFL HnS a few months ago, but took a few months break, but I just came back 2 weeks ago. You would mainly find me playing on the HnS, but I may end up joining other servers(like the newly re-announced Minecraft) soon enough. I also like to play other games like GTA V(Online as well), and a few others. I hope to see some of you soon, on HnS or elsewhere. What I like, given the title, is playing online on the grid. Other than that, see you soon. If you have any questions, just ask.
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