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  1. Closing this since Darkside already banned.
  2. Hello @LLJ, Thank you for you interest in becoming part of the Public Relations Team. Unfortunately on this occasion, you are being Denied. Feel free to re-apply later on down the road if you are still interested! 🔒
  3. Hello Everyone, As some of you may have heard or are just now finding out, As of today I was given the opportunity to something bigger and better, to bring my knowledge and what I have to offer to the table for the Public Relations Team by taking the position of Team Leader. Before I begin I would like to give a special thanks to @Ben for giving me this great opportunity. Also people like @Liloz01 and @Reeve and anybody else who temporally put their foot forward in assisting with anything PR related while the new leader was being selected. Thank you to all. There are many things that I would like to do for PR and I fully intend on doing them, One thing that I will be focusing on the most is our Team. Instead of making most decisions solo based, I intend on having everyone's feedback and input on things, especially when it comes to adding something new so on and so forth. That being said, I am very excited to work with all of you. I look forward to talking and discussing current issues, things that need improved on, our strengths, our weaknesses, ETC. Literally minutes after I was promoted there were already people reaching out to me with ideas and suggestions and it makes me happy to have people who are smart and motivated being a part of this team. Thank you to all who have faith in me, and thank you once again for giving me this opportunity, I am looking forward to working with everyone!
  4. Hello @NantoHax, Unfortunatley this doesn’t really prove anything. My recommendation is after the round, all players have access to the damage logs, press F8 to see them. And next time take screenshots of the damage logs and prove it that way. I don’t know what other people think about this, but that’s my take.
  5. From experience I can tell you that @MooTheCow has some dankest of the dank memes. I always find his memes amazing.
  6. You can always check the GFL source bans with your steam ID to see if you have an on-going ban as well!
  7. Through the grape vines I am hearing that the server is being “Ddos” right now. If that’s the case it could be down for hours.
  8. Ban Appeal

    Even if that’s the case, just for future reference that is what happens if you don’t wait out your slay!
  9. Ban Appeal

    Hello @Lil_Ravioli, Please follow the format for a ban appeal that I have provided for you below. Also, my guess is you were banned for RDM and leave, which is a 360 minute punishment.
  10. Yes, this is the proper format for a ban appeal. However, since you were karma banned, this will be up to @MilkMan.
  11. If this is for TTT, you can hold tab and allllllll the way to the right there is a speaker you click on to mute specific people, then, if you press F2, you can mute the alive players, dead players, or all players.
  12. Prayers for all the families and people affected by this 🙏🏻
  13. Well that was nice of you, your next challenge is to buy it for the server when it has 30 people
  14. I honestly wasn't expecting this. I generally did look up to you however. And it's sad to see you go.... When I joined GFL you left me with a great impression, and you're still doing the same.. Good luck with your life Wiggles.
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