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  1. The shotgun is probably the most commonly used gun in the game and I do agree that it’s OP.
  2. I think some of these ideas are good, but I’ve never seen you before in game, not that has anything at all to do with it. Then again I’m typically on later on in the day so that could be it. I’ve played with two hit knives before, I personally think the insta kill is good. It was brought up before about how the sword, harpoon, knife being all insta kill is “overpowered” if you will. I said that the harpoon is basically skill, if you’re good or lucky enough to hit someone with it then so be it. As far as the shotgun goes, it’s probably the most commonly used weapon lol
  3. It really is an acquired taste like people say it is. You will try many different ones and eventually find one you like, I would recommend a Yuengling for sure
  4. Really nice work in that Moo, believe it or not I actually read the entire thing. Very interesting
  5. Red Hit or Miss, I guess they never missed huh, you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss yah
  6. Assuming you're from the US which you're probably not, but have you ever heard of milwaukee's best ice, that is straight piss.
  7. been there before man, i feel you on that one xD
  8. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting that 😂
  9. What's up guys and gals. Super random question, but I am intrigued to know what your guys first choice of beer is. Can be any kind of beer, Ill start it off. I am a die hard Yuengling fan, I prefer bottles, but ill take it both ways. Yes bottles has a better taste I don't care what anyone says. That goes for all beers. *Patiently waits for all the stoners to reply with Dank "i smoke pot only" Comments Kappa*
  10. Yeah that makes sense, today is the first time it has happened to me to be honest.
  11. *I apologize in advanced if this is the wrong place to post this* Im sure this has been addressed before, but has anyone heard of the glitch where people are dying in lava on TTT and as soon as they go to spectate they're still burning cause damage to people they're spectating? A couple people in game know about it
  12. I’ve never been able to pick them up, however I think pigeon is onto something, initially when I joined this server I was surprised that there was also the Golden sword in addition to the knife, on the pro side, the harpoon is more of a skill shot per say, yes if something is up close or standing still it’s GG, so I can see where pigeon is coming from.