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  1. tell me who was the dumbest player you ever banned including not reading the rules mass rdm or whatever
  2. @Xy_ i need to tell you something

    1. Xy_


      You are free to if you so desire.

  3. @Doomnack "Hurry up... I have to get the hair back to Andy Garcia".
  4. have to disagree tho both of thoes items are a bit op but not really, it depends how you use them. also gfl breach is slowly turning into rn breach.
  5. breach is dying here's why: 1. jameskii raided the server and caused joker to resign 2. breach is not popular as it used to be 3. xy is on break everyday and he is not playing like he used to do. 5. all the fucking admins moved on from this shit because they cant deal with this.
  6. dont fucking remove tro sniper, sure its terrible but that does not mean remove it.
  7. have you tried restarting you'r gmod
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