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  1. if you had 1 wish what would it be and i mean like to fucking kill yourself or what.
  2. haha you fool i do have proof: *DEAD* [GFL Member] Squidward Tentacles: is volk a furry you said yes then no more proof: *DEAD* [FastesSpook] [halloween]I am ketr: Volk is a furry *DEAD* [GFL Member] Squidward Tentacles: haha *DEAD* [GFL Trial Admin] Rocket: y e s *DEAD* [SPOOK] Volk: NO *DEAD* [FastesSpook] [halloween]I am ketr: yes
  3. on ttt rotation volk actually said he was a furry, he tried to cover it up but it was too late as of rn @Volk is a furry
  4. do you have autohotkey? if so thats a bhop script
  5. @Peppermint add squidward tentacles as a friend just do it

  6. it would be like scp sl plus you cant code for shit
  7. keep it as it is it would be shitty if it keeps going random
  8. @Xy_ has it been 6 months

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    2. Dale Gribble.

      Dale Gribble.

      he somehow got into my home network then

    3. Xy


      I find that implausible.

    4. Dale Gribble.
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