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  1. just like what @Exhaustive said if the higher ups can use it then why shouldn't the members or player's you're just saying the n word is like the biggest thing ever which is not true there are other words that are worse that i cant say on the fourms but anyway that's beside the point. the point is that no matter how you use it even if you censord yourself its still going to get you muted or for admin demoted. but @Duc2000 let me ask you this why do you care about this, google doesn't have a complete answer. but then again you have to research everything plus @Xy is right this is like the most talktive thing on any game any fourms and i dont understand why you should bring it up. look im just saying that word wasn't racist in the 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's then it become racist at the 90's
  2. then why didnt you leave after you got banned, even though you waited 31 days would you play other gmod server?
  3. do you wish you can go back into the olden days. like the days were fun and you wish you can go back? or do you like this 2020 stuff now
  4. i was wondering since there is a lot of former admins and others who were way back on this site, my question is how did you know about this whole site and players and whatever, when i was introduce to gaming site i was on another breach server named rn scp. after it went down or the owner quit i joined this i didnt what to do, i got some warns here then there but after a couple months i came back everyday. from year to day to week i come on here and play everyday i made new friends on this site and i just wonder how did you get introduce to the community?
  5. would this break the game though? i mean i agree with the trade command though. but wouldnt this be abused mid round the devs should put this as a one only thing.
  6. i dont know if this is accepted or not can i get a update
  7. this would go like this: 5 or more people would come on and talk about how they found this group, why did you join this group, or something etc. then if they dont want to talk about it anymore they can leave its kinda like a interview
  8. im always on gfl, and always on the gmod servers but i wanna know the players and staff more like how did they find out about this website or group or why did you became a admin or etc i think the discord channels should have 2 podcast voice channels or something.
  9. I'm back because school is so fucking shit, i quit games for life because of school and work but now im back i can continue to enjoy the servers
  10. if you had 1 wish what would it be and i mean like to fucking kill yourself or what.
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