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  1. michael I love u man i fucking love u
  2. a dog plushie and GTA 5 my sister got one too they're pretty cute lol
  3. hello a minecraft server would be nice for us gamers here at games for life clan. any server at all like survival, skyblock,factions fucking anything lol. i could help set one up since i have experience with minecraft servers cuz im a gamer. we could have epic plugins like chestshop - so gamers could make their own shops a grief prevention plugin - so gamers could protect their giant dick houses vote plugin - so gamers could find this (possibly) epic server more idk lol h
  4. hello, uk murder needs vape swep cause theyre pretty cool lol please add them to the pointshop for members i need my mac and cheese vape https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673698301
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