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  1. Are you sure we can even connect to the teamspeak if we're "chained to the wrong niggas"?
  2. For your information they're not the same. That doesn't mean I should not expect someone to treat my personal information with the respect it deserves but again I speaking to the administration of this site not a random pleb with his head up their ass. Piss off surely they do not need you to defend them. If it's all cool and everyone should just chill surely they can come up with a decent response to this other than "lol sorry guyz".
  3. Yeah my personal paypal information is now public knowledge because the administration here failed even the most basic of security procedures when protecting data I trusted them with but yeah it's all cool the forums are back. Honestly this blind optimism is fucking retarded but it has come to the point that the forum admins are deleting my posts so I will end this by saying the following. You let us down. You knew there was a security issue with certain things happening in the community you did nothing. This wasn't a hack. It wasn't a leak. You had so many people with access to your shit I highly doubt anyone stole anything from you I imagine they fucking logged in with a legitimate username and password because you were too dumb to change them after a power shift (people leaving the community over years). But you don't even know that do you, you really have no fucking idea what happend other than your users table ending up on fucking pastebin. Considering your past records with your servers this doesn't surprise me at all. Everyone talks about this great "hijack" of servers and shit when it comes down to it no one did anything they weren't allowed to do because you gave out your root, your rcon, your ftp passwords like fucking candy. You're a bunch of dumbasses and if I could go back years ago and not donate to you I would that was my mistake. Trusting you.
  4. Why the fuck would I take suggestions from some low level pleb in the community? The management needs to answer for this not you.
  5. Your lack of security and piss poor management decisions lead to my confidential information being leaked to the internet. Information I trusted to your website. You have failed and then prance back in here with a half ass apology and pretend it's all going to be okay. The trust is gone dude.
  6. Fresh start with the same management. You've essentially sent the same storm troopers back out again to get the Jedi after they failed the first 10 times....
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