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  1. fine ill be winston
  2. Don't come visit the forums unless its absolutely needed, enjoy your cruise. Depending on what ship you're going on, it's going to be a blast for the most part. I remember when I took a cruise on new years that shit was fat. Parties, Champagne in the Bahama's. Amazing. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.
  3. hey man haha, yeah i like you too
  4. for we shall finally be saved
  5. haha hey man, cs:go jb was good times.
  6. i hear backstabbing zombies works pretty alright
  7. Haha hey! Welcome back! It's the tough things in world that break us that make us stronger. Glad to see you made it, always glad to see old faces!
  8. I've been playing Destiny since it's original beta on console You can add me on Battle.net @ LordVoxxy#1164. I play destiny alot.
  9. Hey man, welcome to the community. So glad to see you've been into gmod communities as long as I have. I used to be staff on our old JB server. Nice to meet you, hope to see you in game.
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