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  1. HMmmm i have proof that he used hacks
  2. Name(ingame):Unknown Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:458809633 Their Information Name(s):Dismantled Steam ID(s):STEAM_1:0:37625377 Time of incident(include timezone and date): East 8:15 for him What happened: He basically aimbotted everyone and acted like nothing happened Proof: He sent me a link to his hacks ((LINK & SCREENSHOT REDACTED BY @Liloz01))
  3. Follow this forum my bad for commenting on this (non admin)
  4. ;-; Worse reason lol ill just speak to some random admin
  5. Were you perma gaged? probably not because of the reason LMAO
  6. Kinda because if you were gaged if would be gone by now - My bad but i just thought it was kinda useless
  7. What would the server do if there is no admins on and there is massers,rdmers, and everything like that?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Pyros


      Be like good boys and make a report on the forums so admins can deal with it later on

    2. UnknownTimes


      BUT IM A BAD BOY SO I MASS (jk) but ok

  8. Jokes on you he doesnt even know me Have a good life good bye
  9. Good I miss you no homo
  10. WAIT.. i thought he was married? how the....
  11. How the hell do i change the name? im dumb

    1. Jerry Hat Trick

      Jerry Hat Trick

      Click the drop down menu with your name on it on the top right.

      Choose "Account Settings"

      Select "Display Name", and change it to what you like.

      Edited by Jerry Hat Trick
  12. Hello Admins Name:Depressed Taco Steam ID: 0:0:458809633 Banned Reason:Karma too low Why i got karma banned: I was a innocent, I found a c4 and i armed it for 10 minutes mid game and 10+ people were there Then some idiot tryed to disarm it and killed all of us and i was reported 2 times causing me to get banned
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