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  1. Ive only been here for a while but no one will give me what so here @motorsteak Hate you @WigglesWorth Hate you @MilkMan was decent @MooTheCow Hate you @TimeForYouToGetAWatch Hate you @Zero Hate you @BeanSparrow2206 A good man @TheSadBandit Hate you @GaxyHate you @Tlar Hate you @Pancake JenkinsYour better then waffles @Duc2000 hate you @myPHART Better then zero and moo @Ben Was decent @SkydivingSquid Was the best outta these lots @Mr.DarkSideHate you @loucop Hate you @Price Hate you @CasualKitsuneHate you
  2. I mean you can join ttt anytime cause purge sucks
  3. i mak no mistake plaze fourgive

    1. UnknownTimes


      I forgive you my son

  4. @UnknownTimes I spoke to Zero he said we can all make mistakes just took care of my order application just

  5. I made a new one this time no mistakes I'm sorry about the first one

  6. oh I see it's a missed understanding I thought it means if I had to ban someone they need to cheat bhop script aimbot stuff like that you know what I mean I have never done stuff like that it was a misunderstanding lol

  7. @kebablove Who banned you exactly?
  8. Ban Appeal

    God damn thats alot of bans should of been pbanned long ago wait
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