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  1. nice to see you back hope your doing ok in the midst of all this chaos lately
  2. whats your favorite oreo flavor?
  3. as long as you add a road roller im in
  4. scp-1730

    ok so we all remember that LARGE map that was 1730 right? well since its been removed from breach i miss oddly despite the fact i complained about it a lot. so today i decided to play it on single player in GMOD. unfortunately its not in my maps anymore so what i ask is this. does anyone have the workshop add on anymore or is it lost to time?
  5. that is quite a BRUH moment
  6. i just thought id ask because i have nothing better to do
  7. forget budget for now. i dont have any parts right now
  8. im saving up for a gaming pc dos anyone have any good suggestions for a pc i should buy?
  9. 👌︎❒︎◆︎♒︎ ❍︎□︎❍︎♏︎■︎⧫︎
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