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  1. oh and of course gaming pcs ,games a new house cars. etc
  2. The main change to 939s set is his right click. instead just disguising as a researcher it will disguise as any human guard d class researcher. in lamens terms that means 939 becomes the player that is chosen randomly but cannot wield weapons or use keycards but can still hold the items the player has but not use them and can also use a flashlight. if you come up to 939 in human form its nametag will read that of who its disguised as but cannot use the mic as that would be a dead giveaway but can still communicate through text chat. if the player 939 is disguised as dies changes items or appearance in any way 939 will not change also whoever is playing as 939 will appear as an scp on the tab i think this would make 939 more fun to play as now its not just a researcher who could be 939 it could be anyone.
  3. whats the point if its never used and instead just stays on 2 maps?
  4. *sigh* if thats true then why THE ACTUAL FUCK do we have mapvote?
  5. the only maps that are chosen are site 19 and 02 and its getting boring so any idea on how to fix it because i have no idea left im just done.
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