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  1. i agree 079 is fun to play as if your careful but that is just over kill there needs to be a balance
  2. i think i got my very first video game in 2008 ish? it s super mario fro the wii and that was the start of me wasting my life lol
  3. scp 939 attack set and disguise ability remains the same but the change is he gets a new ability called memory loss how it works key:R when clicked whoever was near at the time is teleported somewhere random as in memory loss but the real interesting part comes in when said player affected by the ability looks for 939 again. now 939 remains played by the same person but the person who was hit by the ability will now perceive a random researchers nametag as that of the player whos playing 939 and if they come across the real 939 they wont know until its to late. if 939 gets multiple people its random for everyone. another quick change is 939 can use a flashlight can use skins and can pull out a fake item think spy from tf2.
  4. 1471 shouldn't be able to teleport to reinforcements for a few minutes to prevent easy escape
  5. too unbalanced -1
  6. so the guns in deathmatch still use the old models as far as i know why is this?
  7. thats what this suggestion is about
  8. you got me there. you see the thing with the blink mechanic is it just wont work with a server like this as it mike just make the game boring for scp 173 and scp 096 seeing as this overpowers them.
  9. that is a problem a solution would be this feature only activating when 173 didn't spawn its lazy but i dont even know
  10. listening to what my friends tell me
  11. so basically it would let players name items howver they want and only they would be able to see their custom names for the items. it would also affect the text that appears when opening a locked door .
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