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  1. Good luck with everything and stay safe, bro. It's been a good 6+ years even if its been a while since we played or even talked, but I'll always remember the good times and all you've done for GFL! Don't be a stranger if you decide to pop in, we'll always be here one way or another.
  2. There's way too much to post so I'll just post this beaut!
  3. Thanks for doing this, it was a trip down memory lane!
  4. Best of luck, Roy! I really feel that you'll do well with this!
  5. I'm going to hijack this thread. Here is my hierarchy proposal: Nick: Nick & nick027nd Founder: Roy Director: Current directorial team Admon: pls Everyone: else /s please ignore my post, i just wanted to make a meme. thank you.
  6. Anything as long as it isn't an IPA. My go to is usually the local Blue Point Toasted Lager, Blue Moon, Peroni or Stella. But when I'm not looking to go broke, Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona and Coors is all great! It all depends on the mood, who I'm with, and how drunk we're looking to get.
  7. This has been debated and even implemented in the past when @Kim and I managed CSGO ZE. As well, I think this was brought up once or twice when CSS ZE was our pride and joy. As our NA CSGO ZE server was #1, we added an EU server as an exact copy, but it never really took off despite our efforts. Maybe it was bad timing or maybe people weren't interested and would rather play in the more populated server. Having a single server seemed enough for us at the time. We offered a "premium" product that drew players in. They'll gladly wait for someone to leave until a spot opens up, as I and many have done. If you don't want to wait, it encourages donating to get a reserved slot. Pros: -More players -More members -More donations -Allows players to still play, despite the main being full -Puts GFLs name out there with the possibility at getting in the top 5 ranked servers Cons: -Could split the existing community and impact population -Favoritism could spawn as a result of the split (not necessarily a bad thing, but worth mentioning) -Could stress out existing server staff as they try to find new members qualified to staff the server -Could impact our #1 position Of course with the implementation of F2P, it allows a wider availability to everyone so its an obvious win, but there's a possibility for a very rocky start that could cause some of the cons I mentioned down the road (maybe not). I'm not really for or against it, but I thought I'd offer some insight.
  8. I'd agree. The man even had his own train. I'm going to feel bad for Jimmy Carter when he goes, because I'm sure his funeral isn't going to be as over he top as H.W.s. Then again, I'm sure Jimmy Carter wouldn't mind it being as less.
  9. Advertising Ideas

    GFL needs to take a more creative approach when it comes to advertising, and this seems like the most effective way to do so. +1
  10. been a little while ayyy?

    1. nick027nd


      its been a fat minute

    2. rapperdan


      well I am a fat minute fan man kinda guy my self.

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