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  1. only my personal idea, the zombie can hardly win in old maps unless there is a troll in the team or there is a boss. Zombies' knockback doesn't need to be changed since that is how this mode works, but one grenade slows ALMOST ALL zombies speed for like 10 seconds is pretty OP in my mind since zombie cannot actually win in static defence against like 30 people with the Negev on their hands while in a chock point. So what about decreasing the time when zombie got slowed by grenade, make it like, 7 seconds etc. so zombie can chase human a little bit... effective instead of doing boring chasing that will never get human and then get fked by the static defence.
  2. God damn it these DDoS (•́へ•́╬)

  3. Hmm just realized that there is a formu here :D

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