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  1. Fucking hell Chinese government literally blocked the Discord and CSGo ZE server for me

    very appreciate that

    3 months without GFL ZE, GREAT

  2. Map(s): I dunno the map pools, u guys choose which suit, I am braindead anyway * Better no boss since they EAT ur bullets Restrictions/Limitations: Ammo People can get regular gun set but only get 1 extra ammo packs (maybe for SMG and pistol) or 2 packs ( maybe for the rifle and shotgun) instead of unlimited ammo. People still can buy guns by using !command. Fk English is way too hard 4 me! Example below: Example: Bizon: 64/120 change to 64/180 Dual Berreta: 30/120 change to 30/150 AK: 30/90 change to 30/150 Negev: 150/300 still 150/300 no change So people need to manage their ammo wisely instead of spam them everywhere like apes event name can be like, Isolated, or Out of Ammo or No Back-Up. etc Event Time preferred: Main Event Others: Since u guys did the ammo change, My brain comes up with some dumb ideas, here is one
  3. also, maybe can add a new votemm that called Low Gravity which makes human &zombies jump higher LOL
  4. VIP system needs to be changed a bit. last time play Pizzatime and a new player was chosen to be VIP for 3 times and he dies rather quick so we just fked up no matter what. Please make a cooldown time for all human so they won't be VIP in that short time period
  5. mp9, 50 bullet? bossrush time!
  6. why is the hardest event map got no reward? this is so strange
  7. THE LONGEST 6 SECONDS IN MY LIFE :< It is just way too hard for zombies to chase human especially when all Bhopper defend the first line. Then all they need to do is just throw a grenade and Bhop back fast while we get slowed and get fked by the defense xD
  8. only my personal idea, the zombie can hardly win in old maps unless there is a troll in the team or there is a boss. Zombies' knockback doesn't need to be changed since that is how this mode works, but one grenade slows ALMOST ALL zombies speed for like 10 seconds is pretty OP in my mind since zombie cannot actually win in static defence against like 30 people with the Negev on their hands while in a chock point. So what about decreasing the time when zombie got slowed by grenade, make it like, 7 seconds etc. so zombie can chase human a little bit... effective instead of doing boring chasing that will never get human and then get fked by the static defence.
  9. God damn it these DDoS (•́へ•́╬)

  10. Hmm just realized that there is a formu here :D

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