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  1. thank you, the one thing with the random slay is with TheSadBandit, I watched him and i saw still held accountable for RDM and auto slain
  2. the think is, I've been gagged and muted for the stupidest shit for god knows what all the time. It's pissing me off that i'm practically the only one reprimanded for doing it once or twice while people consonantly mic spam and get away with it. I wouldn't stop following the format because i haven't. I just want some of these admins to literally stop targeting me and getting away with straight up RDM and slays without probable cause.
  3. So basically, i've been perma gagged, someone in my game currently got gagged for spamming the mic and was quickly ungagged. I screamed from being killed a couple times and was considered "spamming my mic" I dont get why i was perma gagged. I also got auto slain for watching an admin kill me in ttt but it didnt matter since watching someone means jack shit so i can just get slain for being in the right.
  4. Ban Appeal

    Posted Tuesday at 04:31 PM Name: somebodyneat Steam ID: 155454981 Banned by: unsure Ban reason: att mass. Why you should be un-banned: I promise and swear on god, this was an accident. My mouse has seriously been having issues where I fired unintentionally. I got flustered and didn't know where to aim i know i should've aimed up and i did, I was in the lighthouse and people were up wards. I genuinely do apologize. It would mean a lot if I was un-banned, i really do enjoy this server. - Thank You
  5. Name: somebodyneat Steam ID: 155454981 Banned by: unsure Ban reason: low karma Why you should be unbanned: People had been reporting false KOS's and I would follow through and I lost karma from it, i apologize that it happens and i'll try more to refrian from the false kos kills
  6. I am banned for a bit for some reason and im wondering if it can be appealed, I killed innocents because people apparently false kos'd them, was wondering if i could be unbanned
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