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  1. +1 I love the idea but I feel they should be geared towards a specific purpose, like how the fire eaters are mostly for killing SCP's and the NU-7 are for clearing D class and Chaos
  2. #ThanksForTheGiveawayButWhyIsntThereAnAmericanGFLRustServer
  3. So we've all seen it, heard it, dealt with it. Researcher rushing is bullshit, but how do we fix it? Well, many ideas have been proposed but most of them don't make sense unless we take into account the SCP's themselves. A very small but big change that could be implemented is simply forcing the tesla gate between Light Containment and SCP 939's Cell to be active till the grace period is over. This would force researchers to either wait till it deactivates, in which all the nasty SCP's that spawn between them and EZ could just wait for them. Their other option is to go the long way around, which would still slow them down immensely and put them right in the way of 017, 939, 106, and possibly even 682. This would heavily reduce the viability of pre-round rushing, and give the MTF a much needed nerf by removing their extra damage sponges.
  4. The idea of breakable doors is a good and dangerous one, the problem with this idea is the balance, as it stands most of the SCP's are somewhat balanced and capable of killing large groups of people, though each SCP has it's respective weakness and downfall, some more than others. If the addition of breakable doors were to be added there would need to be a large change in Meta, which the players can do themselves. My one big concern is the health of the doors, and which ones will be breakable, my suggestion is to give doors different HP based on type and area, as in the doors located in Heavy Containment being the hardest to break, and the doors in the Entrance Zone being easiest. The idea behind my reasoning is the current MTF Strategy is to go solo and run&gun all your troubles away after rushing the armory. This change would effectively allow SCP's to destroy the one safeguard of this playstyle, Doors. As the SCP's and MTF fight it out the SCP's could break doors along the way, which depending on situation could be a downfall or a saving grace, considering some SCP's use doors to deter rushing.