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  1. I was thinking maybe tournaments, possibly get a group of participates from the main GFL discord and hold team-oriented matches. With Prizes/Special discord roles for the winners (Say like 4 copies of a specific game or a flashy "Tournament Winners" role) It'd give GFL a more competitive side, which I'm all for as an ex-Esports player.
  2. Ban Appeal

    Can confirm his ban does not show up on sourcebans, my personal friend. He genuinely acts like he does not know the gamemode, nor server.
  3. Still could end in a confusing situation, as XY would have to personally code a name change for logs, as they would say "Class-D" with no color change, the same thing happens with the SCP and MTF 076-2. I appreciate your commitment though
  4. The difference is it tells you it's SCP-378 when you die to him as well as it shows you it's 378 if you're a spectator
  5. Seem more like an annoyance than anything, could use a tiny bit of a primary-recharge rework. As well as shooting them should remove them, so you aren't left defenseless without any grenades Until rework: -1
  6. I don't know how I feel about this, it just seems like a discount 1471 that will end in people being confused why a teammate killed them and scream "RDM" I'd rather have something like if you die from 993's primary it leaves behind a balloon mine, dealing 15 hp if you step to close to it in an AOE. Since this is a new idea that no SCP's have taken I feel it'd be a fun little addition instead of Team-Switching Overall until slight editing/rebalance: -1
  7. So Everyone keeps complaining about Tau-5, wonder why? It's pretty universally accepted that Tau-5 is a bit on the OP side. Tau-5 being able to take on SCP's and a group of D-class alike, there needs to be a line drawn Well here's your lucky break Section 1 - Weapons The ETPR-I4 (Interpreter) Experimental Tau-5 Personel Rifle - Issue 4 Model - Doom 3 Plasma Rifle Damage per shot - 21 Mag size - 30 Reserve on spawn - 150 Ammo type - Rifle MESGR (Messager) Mithril Encased Shell Gauss Rifle Model - Doom 3 Shotgun Damage per projectile (8 projectiles) - 9 (72 damage on meatshot) Mag size - 8 Reserve on spawn - 64 Ammo type - [Redacted] HVNGR (Harvenger) High-Velocity Nitrogen Gas Rifle Model - Doom 3 Rifle Damage per shot - 13 Mag size - 60 Reserve on spawn - 240 Ammo type - SMG Section 2 - Stat changes Health-regen rework Health regen is a big deal, as it changes a big part of Breach's firefights, limited health. My proposed change is to increase the regeneration from 2hp a second to 3hp As well as make it so Tau-5 cannot regenerate until 6 seconds have passed since they've taken damage Health-pool reduction Reduce max hp from 125 to 100 Tau-5 having one of the best vests in the game already have extreme survivability A small nerf could slightly rebalance the Tau-5 and make them a tiny less annoying. Models https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=210267782&searchtext= Thank you for reading, open to suggestions ❤️
  8. Imagine a juggernaut round where a guy has this gun, a tau-5 vest, 1k hp and 30 shots
  9. Say some SCP's given ya girl the stink-eye, give em one-a these The Experimental SCP Disposer E-SCP-D for short E-SCP-D training manual, page 3 The E-SCP-D is a state-of-the-art SCP disposal unit and is to be kept at each of our research sites in a highly secure armory room (Or personal 05 storage) Turns out 05-12 was out taking Site-19's E-SCP-D for a test drive and accidentally left it in his office with only one charge left. (Not the best 05 is he) 🤦‍♂️ The E-SCP-D would be a one-shot damage-over-time weapon, similar to the MicroHID from SL, but with a few changes, the E-SCP-D is capable of the following A 150 DPS with a 12-second continuous blast (900 Damage per shot) Storing up to 5 charges at one time (Not important as it only has 1 and cannot be refilled, only useful for Special Rounds) When proceeding to use the E-SCP-D you will experience the following Extreme force as a result of the 6000-volt discharge (Movement speed decrease while firing, probably around 10-25%) Minor-tingling from sheer awesomeness (Electric backlash, minor self-damage (30HP) Slight psychological disruption (blurred eye-sight while and 2 seconds after discharge) The E-SCP-D will spawn in the "Radio office" It will also use the same model as the Phys/Gravgun (Color is XY's decision) The door will require an 05 Keycard (Located here for joke reasons, O5 being stupid, as well as balance reasons) (the other side of the map from 914) I am completely open to suggestions as well as criticism Thanks for reading ❤️
  10. I love the idea though there are two issues. All the SCP's spawns are located past the MTF, and I find it highly unlikely that MTF will be willing to lose any ground. The other issue is that MTF has two perfect choke points to funnel the SH. (GateA and B) My proposed fix for this would be to make 2/3 of the server MTF and 1/3 SH, and move the spawn for MTF to the D class spawns (Pretty simple since CI already use it for TDM)
  11. Keep the shotgun the same (Maybe a 10-20% damage nerf). Keep ammo the same as nobody likes running out of ammo, and nerf their vest resistance.
  12. I like the idea of SCP's being more of a brute force role over an item searching role. It's a lot better if you know you'll be able to take the gate down instead of hoping you come across a keycard
  13. A lot of the time the SCP's dont work together on gates. When they do it's very rare. Giving this to 682 allows him to be an asset to the team by going to say Gate A or B, taking it down by himself, then going back to assist his fellow SCP's
  14. That would mostly just end up in 035 tricking D class and having the SCP's kill them. Id just give 682 heavy gate damage, around 3x normal as a mini buff as well as a way to help SCP's escape
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