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  1. Thanks for appealing for your mute/ban on the 1v1 server. My vote on the mute/ban(+1 not remove/-1 remove): +1 Reason for my opinion(down below) Your inconsistency of what you do in rounds (you only worry about angles near the enemy and dont clear normal angles). Sometimes you just rush the guy knowing what side he is on lol. Thanks for playing on the 1v1 server
  2. "Memorizing spawn locations" It's just not prefiring angles, its your preaim as well. You look at different angles (90 percent of the time is where the enemy is.) even when spawning in the same exact spot. I have more demos of you as well (one of them is am_grass) where there are only 2 set spawns and you change your preaims depending on the enemy's spawn.
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