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  1. well that means I was the only one that posted so I win this round ^^^^^^^^^^^ Joke
  2. okay here's mine, I call it The Two Christmas Gremlins
  3. yes, I require this 5k points to continue being shabby
  4. Music?

    Add a radio or jukebox that could be free or a buyable to purchase per use of something like 10k point.
  5. I'm pretty sure the reason I am not getting 5000 points for joining the discord when you first join is because there isn't one to join, so we should have one if not already.
  6. Weapon skins?

    Make or add buyable or winnable through other means in the future, weapon skins to make a more murder-ish pointshop, also having a skin someone else would obviously make you cooler than them. -Shabby
  7. If the map is to always stay on construct, Then I think a media player should be put somewhere on the map as to give people something to do when not a lot of players are on the server at once.
  8. Sign Ups Close

    the details for this says this is the last day to sign up, so just put me in there, my talent is that I am who I am, I'm Shabby
  9. Sign Ups Close

    But why
  10. U r Uncool if you posted on this thread (This excludes Shabby)
  11. HaHa, if you looked at this message, you're automatically lame. Get got Rekted!? Unless you're blind and thus have not seen this, you still have gotten the big lame and should be cooler, like me the coolest, Shabby.
  12. You know looking back on this I should've said to subscribe instead of "like" but you know I bet there's some sort of subscribing on here too. So when making a joke like this, should I clarify that it's a joke at the bottom of the post or thread?
  13. Wow first thread I'm actually doing in off topic I think. I said I wasn't going to make another thread but that was past shabby, and this is today shabby. you know what they always say, New shabby New day..... I just wanted to say I yawned.....yep...not even a gamer moment You think id put something here but nope, not allowed.
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