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  1. Adios my dude, always feel free to come back on Hide and Seek if you have the time!
  2. A lot of people. Including me.
  3. Aight, so I gathered up 5 maps in total but rounded it down to 3. Tell me what you guys think. - Remove Depressao - Remove Kakariko Add this one 100% A lot of the players agree on it Last stand mall An awesome mall based map with tons of secrets ranging from a breakable wall to Pewdiepie. Also includes the mall roof which may or may not be possible to get on .
  4. Steam gift card, for you know, Borderlands 2
  5. Prepare your eyes.
  6. I guess you could say, you went to Hell and back. Okay I'll leave now.
  7. @_Marshmello_ I completely agree, every time I am on hns_Town there are prop blockers. Smallotown also needs removed. Smallotown has barely any halfway decent spots and seekers win almost every round similar to airbus.
  8. 10$ Steam Gift Card please.
  9. Pffttt, clearly, it's Desert. (I am still extremely inactive on H&S)
  10. Yes. The Breach map would be amazing, but the map is HUGE and the hiders would win almost every single time.
  11. Don't forget about "The Pterodactyl Spot" on Mueseum
  12. Diggerworld
  13. @Mango605YT I'm a previous donator.
  14. @Ejfeds Of course you can. You can bhop in a lot of gamemodes except a select few.
  15. B-hopping is a major advantage in Breach. It allows you to maneuver and lets you go much faster than sprinting. You can can also go through doors ways much smoother than sprinting and getting stuck. Timing Your Jumps: The easiest way to time your jumps in my opinion is by typing bind mwheeldown/mwheelup +jump. You will begin by using shift to gain momentum. Then you scroll up or down to jump. You can practice that by going forward and letting go of w. Strafing: Strafing is one of the most important aspects of b-hopping. You can strafe by looking slight to the left and right. When you look left, you hold a, and when you look right, hold d. Do NOT strafe too much or too fast or else you will lose all of your speed. To maintain your speed you must do little strafes to the left and right. Using bullets as your advantage: When you are getting shot at as an SCP or Class D, you can be propelled forward giving you a MASSIVE amount of speed if b-hopping. You can make quick get-aways using this strategy. I hope this guide helps you with surviving on The Breach!