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  1. Cya another time EJ.
  2. Thank you for the red boxes I almost didn't see it.
  3. +1
  4. I have once again returned to GFL! I got a dozen games on steam for Christmas specifically Cs:go which I got addicted to and slowly drifted away from the community until now.
  5. Congrats on your promotion @RickGrimesTM!
  6. I'll take the USP-S Orion, thanks for all the giveaway @Mango605YT!
  7. Adios my dude, always feel free to come back on Hide and Seek if you have the time!
  8. A lot of people. Including me.
  9. Aight, so I gathered up 5 maps in total but rounded it down to 3. Tell me what you guys think. - Remove Depressao - Remove Kakariko Add this one 100% A lot of the players agree on it Last stand mall An awesome mall based map with tons of secrets ranging from a breakable wall to Pewdiepie. Also includes the mall roof which may or may not be possible to get on .
  10. Steam gift card, for you know, Borderlands 2
  11. Prepare your eyes.
  12. I guess you could say, you went to Hell and back. Okay I'll leave now.
  13. @_Marshmello_ I completely agree, every time I am on hns_Town there are prop blockers. Smallotown also needs removed. Smallotown has barely any halfway decent spots and seekers win almost every round similar to airbus.
  14. 10$ Steam Gift Card please.