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  1. I guess I'm too crazy

    ^^^^ Lmfao I am not trying to get anywhere I want this thing to get closed so that when others look at it they can realize that you guys ban players too good to be true, so once again " suck my dick and keep it indefinite like my ban", also no fucks given bout the format either. No proof, and a wrongful ban. For being absolutely too good.
  2. I am deeply sorry and I would like to say that I do not give any fucks if I don't get unbanned because at this point is only towards my attitude , I went crazy on a full server and then y'all mofokaz say "hacking". Y'all pathetic if u really think I was hacking. I know for sure you have no proof because I wasn't. Suck my dick, deep throat it and keep it indefinite like my ban please.
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