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  1. Hmmm, free vip rewards anyone? Kappa
  2. Congrats to all of the winners for the VIP giveaway, I have donated vip for the three winners and it should be active now.
  3. To clarify the leader giveaway. You have to lead only one of the maps, not all 4. I am sure the admins are more than capable of managing any disputes that may occur for people who want to become a lead for a map, so that matter should not be of worry. Edit: One more aspect to clarify for the leader giveaway. In order to be eligible for this category, you must lead the team to victory in a given round, so you can't just lead and fail the round. With that being said you can have one lead for one round and another lead for another round. So potentially there are many opportunities for people to step up and lead for the event, which would be a reason for not needing to fight over for lead role in my opinion. If I see the lead list has many candidates than I might consider increasing the vip giveaway for leads to two.
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