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  1. So i get on cuz someone pinged for RDM When i do i do reports n stuff and see you had 2 reports on you from a T and a an innocent I scroll through logs and see you killed 4 ppl total that round for seemingly no reason, 3 of which in the span of 30 seconds This was Round 1, when you where not a T
  2. There's no need to apologize to me, once i consider you a friend there isn't much you can do to get rid of me 🙃 Anyways, it certainly was fun playing with you, though i'm really sad it had to go down like this, you and Northern where my bois on the server and helped brighten my day whenever i needed it and i'm sorry i couldn't do much when you needed me too, i'm still trying to back into a staffing mindset, so my whole personality is in a bit of a crisis Cya my dude, and i hope you can come back when you feel its right to
  3. Well first off, I am truly sorry about the ban, it was a misunderstanding on my end and one ill work to have it not happen again. Second, I was supposed to put the gag on you but was unable to because I had to get off before you got on so ill provide my evidence as to why you where Perma Gagged The above image shows you posting a link in chat, which in its self isnt really allowed, but in this case it was an NSFW link is which an even bigger no-no, you claimed it was a bind and i dont see any reason as to why you have it bound in the first place especially since children play Gmod and on our server. Another thing, paying money doesnt exempt you from rules, it was your choice to become VIP and your choice to make this bind. Ultimately its not up to me whether you get ungagged so GL with this.
  4. 1. Name refers to in-game name, or your Steam name, which would be Porter2226 2. Ghosting is relaying information outside of the game, and in this case you told your friend TheSavageBull that Juicy was a T after they killed you The first one is Savage claiming he watched Juicy kill you while the death scene shows otherwise, Savage being on the other side of the map without anyway of being able to see you, and the second vid is proving you n Savage are friends ( i forgot to ss that part so i searched up your steamID and went to your profile) Porter2226 - Google Chrome 2020-09-07 19-16-04.mp4 Garry's Mod (x64) 2020-09-07 18-53-42_Trim.mp4
  5. Uh, unfortunately for you i did get on before map changed and I banned ya for Double Mass It has been said many times to not arm C4's as innocent
  6. says the big stinki
  7. now you see, i have secretly transferred all of my prop hunt skills to you, therefore, you already know how to play that and im too lazy 🙃
  8. Hai

    Hai, m'name is Kettemelon, or more recently Klink but im best known as Ketter. I am a 16 yo male child living in a smol (if you can call it that) town all the way in the good ol' Golden State of California. I have been playing games since I was 5 and have used the same mac ever since. Yes i was/am a mac gamer, was because i got a new computer recently that can handle all the stuff my mac cannot. I started my gaming career with Minecraft way back when, and eventually moved on the FPS games of Roblox, as bad as they where. For the next few years i saved up and bought myself an Xbox, becoming a console gamer for bit until moving back to PC. I dont have any plans for my future but im hoping one day to learn how to code and maybe become a Dev for TTT Rot, unfortunately its gonna have to wait awhile cuz high school and getting job come first. Im usually on all day if yall wanna hang but am shy boi and dont like using my mic all that much, and if I do use it with you around, it means I love you enough to not be shy boi. Surprisingly im not a social person despite my online persona. I dont have much hobbies other than harassing my chonky cat and playing games. I also dont watch TV all that much, although I will watch whatever my Mother watches because ngl, The Real Housewives is kind of entertaining at times, but other than that, most of my time is spent in some sort of online world whether it be on Console or on PC. I am by no means new here, and have been around for awhile(heh i joined on my 15th birthday, so this community was probably the best present ive ever gotten). But i decided i like this place enough to stick around for a bit longer and to officially introduce myself to GFL 😄
  9. Its called hitboxes, its so bullets can collide and kill props from all angles
  10. Steam Name:§1KlinkIsGod Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:455301421 What server do you play on?:TTT Rot, Prop Hunt Favorite Movie (Optional): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. hello friends, i have decided to poof out of existence. Although school may be a reason(fuck chemistry), its mostly just some things that have happened during my time here in this wonderful community. A lot of my friends have moved on from here and or been pushed out, and i haven't been able to recreate those friendships with the people i play with now, and i know that might seem stupid as a friendship should be unique to every person, its just i like to be near a certain crowd of people and those people have moved on. So lately i have been thinking about how much fun i used to have on these servers and how little fun i've been having now, so i've been pretty depressed for the past week. Of course there are some people whomst i love dearly(i swear its not gay OwO) and that have been with me through thick and thin, but sadly i'm just not as motivated as i once was to play anymore. Some recent events have also been a big factor to me being sad boi, my luck is shit and so is my life. there are some people who i have loved being around and playing with: @TheThirdReaper omg i cannot express how amazing my experience on Prop Hunt has been because of you and the other admins, you may have not supported me in becoming an admin but you still helped me grow to be the best that i could. @Calculord when i first joined you and Tyler where still Trials, and we quickly got along fine together (bit a weird thing happened there with Tyler but lets not talk about that) we became good friends later on and it was very fun playing with you @mario_the_man you where willing to sponsor me when i first applied for TTT Rot Admin, and i'm so very grateful for that, my only regret is that i wont be able to make it up to you for failing to do what i should have done when i had the chance, i'm sorry for letting you down and i'm grateful for all the time we played together @Royal. im sad that you had to leave but you where one of my bestest fwiends ever and i'm sorry that when you do decide to come back that probably wont be there to welcome you back, i love you my guy in a totally non-homo way :3 @Volk idk what happened to you nor do i care (unless its bad, if something bad happened to you i wish i could have done something to help), you where one of the first people i had made friend with on TTT Rot and i loved every single second of playing with you, i miss you bb @Dralga you gave me a chance to become something more than just a player on Prop Hunt, and even though i haven't been the best at it, i still want to thank you for giving me the chance i needed to help people in the server i loved @SirPriss me, you, and Brodin where like the Prop Hunt dream team for a bit there, and it was so fun playing with you. And even though i had a bit of a map-breaking habit(:P) you still accepted me as a friend and i thank you so much for that @Lunar Blade although we didn't talk that much, you helped me find the things i needed to work on so that i could be less of a nuisance to people and i wanted to thank you for that There is other people that have been there for me and have been great friends but these 6 are the most important to me (that i could think of), but for all of you on both servers thank you for the good times we have had, and if you were a butthole to me well then thank you anyway for helping me to find ways to ignore you and better myself in certain areas. This is goodbye from the child with many names, and i hope that this community continues to grow and prosper -Ketr/Grapes
  12. ok so first off, im no "newbie admin", second you had 2 previous warnings from other admins about being in illegal spots, so this was your third offense third, being VIP doesn't mean you get immunity to the rules, you still gotta follow them regardless of your role, fourth, the area you where in was not visible at all, being inside the silo on cornfield is an illegal spot and you had no part of your prop sticking out what so ever (i double checked before i banned) its a 24 hours ban so i feel like you can wait it out and review on what a legal spot looks like
  13. +1 you did well last time and im glad to see you are better now a ready to come back
  14. this would be fun and all but like, which version of the game would it be on? Since overwatch doesn't have crossplay, those with a console/switch won't be able to play with those on a PC, so would multiple servers be set up or just one??
  15. +1 now that i have played with you a bit more i see most of my previous concerns aren't as valid anymore you are helpful on the server and fun to be around and i think you would make a good addition to the team
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