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  1. wutchu gonna do mr Daddy? Baby Shark is what these plebs say now a days, "very pog champ"
  2. First off, I have confirmed with the person who set the rule in place that having 1-2 weapons in a claim bind is fine as long as it doesnt list more then that, as the rule is there to prevent binds saying they have a T weapon but not saying which weapon they have. So any KOS off of them will be considered RDM. I dont, however know the exact reason the rule was changed to be specific weapons, but a few binds can go a long way when claiming, and I dont think its going to be changed back. Second, if you are proven, and there is sufficient evidence that you are proven then you may not be KOS'd for entering the T room, as its made so that Ts can be KOSd for entering it, and I mean, really its common sense if someone whos proven innocent where to walk into the T room, why would you KOS them? You know they are proven, and if you call a KOS on them you are more than likely to be corrected. If you are unproven and you enter the T room, you made the choice so getting KOSd shouldnt be surprising, I do understand that new players may not know what is considered a T room and have seen it happen quite a few times where a new player will wander in and get KOS'd but in reality theres not really all that much to prevent that other then having a T room that kills innocents. Most T rooms are unique, but alot still do have the classic orange tiled walls so that can be specified in the motd. The MOTD isnt designed to portray every senario, case, or problem. Its a jist of the rules so people know the basics of what to do and what not to do, I do agree some areas can be touched up on, but alot of people just treat it as another pop up and go by trial and error or by asking questions, which the players on the server who are familiar with the rules are more than happy to answer.
  3. oooohhh, im not saying that your suggestions are over complicated, but the way you described the current rules you discussed here. Alot of what you said is already in place. if im wrong about certian things feel free to correct me, im just going off of what I know
  4. this looks more like an overcomplication of rules, so basically the motd says discombobs and incends can be KOSd if thrown near players, so as long as it hits a player you may KOS them for it. But since discombobs thrown away from players effect no one, KOSing players off of it just makes you a dick, Incends on the other hand have an AoE meaning regardless of where you throw them they have a higher chance of causing harm so just throwong them in general is greatly discouraged unless you are a T. The GBA rule is relatively simple, if they are seen near a KOS'd person/obvious Traitor(a T actively killing or using a T weapon) that they can see then you may KOS, If your example is about me slaying you for KOSing me off of GBA, not only was the T shooting at you out of my FoV, but I couldnt even see them if I had turned as there was a wall between us. So before you KOS for GBA, its advised you make sure they can actually see and do something about the T, and if the player is a proven innocent(proven via valid KOS or tester) or a D, then the admins will handle it as its teaming. T weapons are also simple, if you claim it in chat its not on you if the player doesnt see it. Obviously Ds or Innos proven by proveable means(KOS, vouched for by a D, or tested) then you do not have to claim T weapons, otherwise calling out the specific T weapon is a must if you wish to use it. While proven binds may no longer cover it, you can make binds to call out one or two T weapons at a time, for me I use 4 binds to call out the 8 most common T weapons such as sword, AWP, Ak, sm4, jihad, and holy. 9/10 if a player doesnt know what a weapon is they ask, and normally people will answer. Now if a T claims the weapon but no Ts are dead then you can KOS as theres no legit way for them to aquire it, If you see them holding it, dont KOS soley because they claimed it. T room is KOS unless you are a D or proven VIA KOS or Tester, no buts or what ifs, if you are seen entering or leaving one you are fair grounds to be KOS'd. as for Dead Give aways, its not all that refined, as long as its obvious who the T is and you can prove with sufficient evidence its them you may KOS, Radar I feel is a bad example as Decoys and Disguisers mess with it, but if someone does not have a radar ping it means they have a decoy down and you can probably use that.
  5. Hello, You where actually banned on TTT MC for SuperMass RDM, which is usually when you kill over 10 players in a round for no reason, by @TheSadBandit, if the managers of said server @Jinzu or @Loke could move this over there thatd be great.
  6. First things first, Galil and TMP are already on the server, loadouts menu only covers the basic weapons. We did have an intervention but it was removed with m9k. G3 kinda vanished when SG 550 came in, and they couldnt get it to come back so they left it. HK got replaced by m9k but was never readded once m9k was removed, and Duck doesnt want Tech 9. Second, weapon skins can be created and downloaded from the Steam Workshop, they're client side so unless someone else has the skin, only you will see it. As for T items, Melon launcher is a hard pass, as we already have the Bullet Bill, Defib has been denied due to ghosty reasons in the past, and I think they still count today. We already have shurikens/AWP so we dont need the harpoon, Dead Ringer could be fun, as I dont see any problems with it, same with Nyan Gun only it could get really annoying, and bomb station nah, we have enough explosives.
  7. If you could change the MOTD, how would you? What would you add/clarify/remove? As a general rule, please take this seriously and dont start shit, this is ment to get peoples opinions on what should be changed about the MOTD. Also contain the argueing to a minimum. Make sure to clarify the rule you are changing/clarifying and where to move/add it.
  8. nah, this is a ROTAC ban @Yogpod @Duck. @BraeLyn2212
  9. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why you have to leave me ;-; ngl tho, you n Norther helped relight my passion for TTT, i will for ever love you despite your Jihad targetting
  10. Hello there, you were actually banned on Vanilla for RDM and leave, since GFL bans are global it bans you from all our servers. ill just ping their managers to move this over there @Yogpod @Waylon Smithers
  11. uhm, idk where you got the info but @Alexis banned you for RDM and Leave(I assume as its a 6 hour ban) not me I see what happened, currently we are testing a new command set for one of the Directors, so the most recent bans arent tracked in source bans
  12. I do not have a screenshot, that's a yikes on my end as I wasn't expecting an appeal for a 6 hour ban and you where banned almost 4 maps ago so chat logs dont go that far back
  13. Actually, it has been discussed before and using "No" after a KOS you called is calling off said KOS, and as I said they didn't only reply with No, they also stated in text chat that the KOS shouldn't be followed because it was false, therefore the KOS was called off. Same with the whole "Its [player]", I have been told by the SMs that saying "its [player]" is indeed a KOS, for example if someone says "ITS KETTER" in a way where they mean to KOS, then yes you can follow it as a KOS.
  14. So, the KOS you followed was called off multiple times by the person who called it, not only did they say "No." in chat 3 times, but they also said to not follow it as the KOS was false. You still followed said KOS and killed the person who called thus RDM'd twice, but KOS'd person only reported the person who called the KOS and not you so I only did a 6 hour ban 2 rounds after you left.
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