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  1. hello friends, i have decided to poof out of existence. Although school may be a reason(fuck chemistry), its mostly just some things that have happened during my time here in this wonderful community. A lot of my friends have moved on from here and or been pushed out, and i haven't been able to recreate those friendships with the people i play with now, and i know that might seem stupid as a friendship should be unique to every person, its just i like to be near a certain crowd of people and those people have moved on. So lately i have been thinking about how much fun i used to have on these servers and how little fun i've been having now, so i've been pretty depressed for the past week. Of course there are some people whomst i love dearly(i swear its not gay OwO) and that have been with me through thick and thin, but sadly i'm just not as motivated as i once was to play anymore. Some recent events have also been a big factor to me being sad boi, my luck is shit and so is my life. there are some people who i have loved being around and playing with: @TheThirdReaper omg i cannot express how amazing my experience on Prop Hunt has been because of you and the other admins, you may have not supported me in becoming an admin but you still helped me grow to be the best that i could. @Calculord when i first joined you and Tyler where still Trials, and we quickly got along fine together (bit a weird thing happened there with Tyler but lets not talk about that) we became good friends later on and it was very fun playing with you @mario_the_man you where willing to sponsor me when i first applied for TTT Rot Admin, and i'm so very grateful for that, my only regret is that i wont be able to make it up to you for failing to do what i should have done when i had the chance, i'm sorry for letting you down and i'm grateful for all the time we played together @Royal. im sad that you had to leave but you where one of my bestest fwiends ever and i'm sorry that when you do decide to come back that probably wont be there to welcome you back, i love you my guy in a totally non-homo way :3 @Volk idk what happened to you nor do i care (unless its bad, if something bad happened to you i wish i could have done something to help), you where one of the first people i had made friend with on TTT Rot and i loved every single second of playing with you, i miss you bb @Dralga you gave me a chance to become something more than just a player on Prop Hunt, and even though i haven't been the best at it, i still want to thank you for giving me the chance i needed to help people in the server i loved @SirPriss me, you, and Brodin where like the Prop Hunt dream team for a bit there, and it was so fun playing with you. And even though i had a bit of a map-breaking habit(:P) you still accepted me as a friend and i thank you so much for that @Lunar Blade although we didn't talk that much, you helped me find the things i needed to work on so that i could be less of a nuisance to people and i wanted to thank you for that There is other people that have been there for me and have been great friends but these 6 are the most important to me (that i could think of), but for all of you on both servers thank you for the good times we have had, and if you were a butthole to me well then thank you anyway for helping me to find ways to ignore you and better myself in certain areas. This is goodbye from the child with many names, and i hope that this community continues to grow and prosper -Ketr/Grapes
  2. it was that along with giving you extra ammo so if you didnt get any weapons/ammo on maps like Roy or Canyon, then as a VIP you could get the weapons without looking, but then Zero left and everything broke so know you just have to wait till the round starts with no weapons, assuming the loadout will actually work
  3. ok so first off, im no "newbie admin", second you had 2 previous warnings from other admins about being in illegal spots, so this was your third offense third, being VIP doesn't mean you get immunity to the rules, you still gotta follow them regardless of your role, fourth, the area you where in was not visible at all, being inside the silo on cornfield is an illegal spot and you had no part of your prop sticking out what so ever (i double checked before i banned) its a 24 hours ban so i feel like you can wait it out and review on what a legal spot looks like
  4. this would be fun and all but like, which version of the game would it be on? Since overwatch doesn't have crossplay, those with a console/switch won't be able to play with those on a PC, so would multiple servers be set up or just one??
  5. ig this can be closed now plot cuz ed boy and Waylon busted them ghosters
  6. Your Information: Name(ingame): Console (mostly Ketr) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:455301421 Their Information: Name(s): Herion Steam ID(s): STEAM_0:1:80466865 Their Information: Name(s): Jellyfoal Steam ID(s): STEAM_0:0:459943131 Their Information: Name(s):ISLAPGURBS Steam ID(s): STEAM_0:0:523905636 Additional Information: Time of incident(include timezone and date): 8:30 PST What happened: them ghosters got on, Herion was a T and the other 2 started killing T's unprovoked, after Herion was killed Proof: (proof they are friends) (Jelly RDMing T's at the end of the round https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1997802080 (proof that herion was a T and died before they started RDMing T's) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1997802111 (ISLAPGURBS RDMin a T after Herion died)
  7. i disagree, people are very predictable. Also even if they are using slurs "responsibly" its still a slur, and should not be considered expression, slurs are hurtful regardless of how they are used and shouldn't be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. other forms of cussing are fine, unless used excessively, so it shouldn't really be a problem.
  8. #BringBackWaterworld It was so unfairly taken from us, i support this man in their attempt to bring back waterworld
  9. #Love What server you love to play on? Prop Hunt Who is your favorite GFL member? probably Royal
  10. no, the map has to load on the server, and since a map vote has been initiated the round is technically over so it doesn't really matter if you get killed during a map vote
  11. why u gotta reveal my special colors like that ;-;
  12. Happy birthday!!! ❤️

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