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  1. cool ill join on later when theres people and ask if its fine just to be 100% sure.
  2. [Rainbow]ᴉoɹ ǝuƃɹoq ǝ˥ [ʍoquᴉɐɹ] i just wanna know if i can have this name or not? i wanna do something for April Fools but if this isnt allowed ill try something else.
  3. +1 i like the idea of this. just suddenly a 096 turns to 610 gives you time to escape i guess?
  4. Maybe instead of all doors just doors within a certain radius? i like the LMB ability tho! +1
  5. i was thinking for a while (dangerous i know.) and i thought of 2 things that could be added to the game. the first is a special mtf unit that can spawn. MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") Items -04 Keycard -NV Goggles -Scp-500 -Stunstick -random pistol -random rifle Stats HP-150 (no regen) longer blink timer now i get that it does sound a bit weird to add but think about it. there could be a 966 in the round? the second is a non playable scp Scp-012 A Bad Composition Spawns in its containment room. when around it for more then 10 seconds you die. Reason for wanting it added "To punish the nerds who hide in there." Those are my suggestions.
  6. My Basic Idea of this character is well Mr Headless. Team: Scps (but on occasion can spawn on NTF team for his cooperation with the foundation.) Ability: Immune to headshots (if a player could land one.) Health: 250-350? Unique feats: can pick up items like a normal player. can sprint and walk same as any other has a flashlight unlike 035 spawns with a Random sidearm named "A Gun" as stated in his documents he doesnt know what a "Gun" is. Downside: screen is slightly dark as he doesnt have much of a head to see with. PM: uhhhh idk
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