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  1. I 100% agree with this post. I have been publicly humiliated on this server time & time again. Xy has done nothing about this. Please shut it down.
  2. Please reply to my message

  3. also what the fuck is with this new director shit everyday i look into it the more fucking brains i want to come out my head when i finally shoot myself.
  4. me & my superior masculinity has decided that it's time to ditch gfl behind and yk idk, go do shit i wanna do. i have a lot of dreams & goals that i want to get done, and as of late I've been so busy (away from gfl) that i doubt anyone will really notice to be honest. i would do like a top 50 epic people i love & tagging them, but that just seems attention hungry and most people on gfl are kinda two faced in my experience. the only one i would do is @Duc2000 (click this duc). ill pop in maybe once a week or sum to say hi or hello and play on the ark server a lot ig in my spare time. also fuck you @Kaitsedd dumb broad. ok thx i love yall bye ❤️
  5. You are completely correct. Stoodly & JGuary can/will correct me if I am wrong, but the higher ups in GFL & them want to test one server for now, I don't think they're worried about the population just yet. GFL Servers are hosted on a Anycast Network, which runs Linux... ARK Server API doesn't natively support Linux. They want to test the waters, make sure everything isn't broken at the start & see what is really beneficial & detrimental for the server. At the end of the day, just think of it as the 'beta' server for all of this. edit: god damn it jguary is faster than me.
  6. As @JGuary551 said, even though I am not on the Moderation Team, having your first server as a DLC map is a really bad move for anyone making an ARK server. As for the post, Ragnarok is probably the most fun server considering it's the only free map that includes Wyverns(or Dragons? It's been awhile.).
  7. As what @Zayne put well, we should be able to decide each multiplier so we can get the best bang for our buck. However, faster EXP is a must have. Grinding is so... boring in ARK, to say the least. Also, what about tame speeds? I don't want to wait 90 hours to tame a Dinosaur, and I'm sure a lot of others don't as well.
  8. i will never come out the closet in my life


  9. i have never told a joke in my life, everything i say i wholeheartedly mean

  10. As seen here, It would be nice to put our Discord Tags, Xbox GT, PSN ID, NNFC, and other things viewable on our profile so people can friend us / get in contact with moderators easier on the Forums. We already have this with PC Specs, so I suspect it would be relatively easy to implement.
  11. Selena Gomez > Iggy people with a dog as their pfp has a higher chance of being dumb
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