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  1. As a Writer, I know my opinion in the GFL community means a lot. I will personally write an entire Op-Ed- no. An entire FACTUAL ARTICLE about why you should be Director. I don't know you but this application alone makes me want to jump in glee. +1
  2. Similar to Pinned Tweets on Twitter, we should be able to pin status updates to our profiles. This would allow members to be able to customize their profiles far better, such as; pinning their artwork, pinning their designs, pinning a GFL thread & many more things.
  3. william as director would make the site a much better place imo
  4. Congratulations, @Coven! Can't wait to see what Team Fortress 2 will become under your lead now!
  5. also 100 signers to me & jguarys change.org petition poggers 

  6. i don’t get paid enough, or at all really

  7. Music Collection

    to show y'all what I currently like listening to & for later additions to see how my music taste evolved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCVTCANDqkM&list=RDfCVTCANDqkM&index=1 - Kingdom Hearts: Dearly Believed (dj-Jo Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXBcwyMUrcU - King of the Fall by The Weeknd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecopKVhf5io - Demons by Drake (ft. Fivio & Sosa) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rgJZ2FfQLw - Star Wars: Anakin's Betrayal kthx.
  8. happy birthday!

    1. FordoGreenman


      Thank you, kindly!

  9. kait...

    1. Kaitsedd
    2. Roy


      Holy shit it has already been 5 years since that song was released and SEVEN years since Paul Walker died. Feels like it was last week for me.

    3. Saizy


      I miss u Kait...


      and yeah I forgot that song existed

  11. u looking cute today bro keep it up

    1. Roy



  12. Steam sale

    yo Ben Liloz ark or terraria server when fuck the past old manager was a cuck idc what u say new decade new us okcthanjs
  13. hiiiiii xyyyyyyyyyyy 

  14. n-word

    that’s cool and all but no
  15. happy birthday bro

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