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  1. I’m having an identity crisis.

  2. when are you changing your name back to saizy cunt

  3. i miss u 💔

  4. Since I won last time, I won't be signing up but good luck to all the other players!
  5. 100%! Anything is worth it if I can finally ban the people I dislike with no repercussions from anyone at all! I clearly have the superior intellect and have more brainpower than 5 horses combined! I am ready for the job!
  6. chat-media-video-BF323361-15A8-40B3-9B3D-CA066C3A51FD.gif.mp4
  7. It's just my opinion that there has been peaceful protests against this time & time again. Petitions. Calling into your representatives and it still happens. I don't blame them for being outraged, but it is the government's fault for the riots.
  8. @VilhjalmrF, hello. Please allow the others to vote before accepting or denying the application. With love, Daystar
  9. Discord Tag: Daystar#9796 Timezone: CST Why should you be founder? i brine many great thinsg to gfl an i can hott unlimitedd servrvs and i hve big bill gatey money behind my back to give u guys the limninteed exp of a life time, i am slao really good friends wit da trump man and we can work out a del where gfl is the only website to evr exist. What is your experience? non Sponsors? @Roy, @Trigger, @Pyros & @niggherk
  10. Yo what does the gfl writing group even do

    1. Starboy
    2. Ferret Flinger

      Ferret Flinger

      chad, what are the requirements for that though, seems like a super elite group based on ur founder application

    3. Starboy


      @Ferret Flinger basically write good, active on forums, take a writing test (or have essay/poem examples) & work well with a team!

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