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  1. Date: 4/18/19 Changes in Survival Shop Shop has been updated recently. Still in progress Voting will now reward players with 20 Claim Blocks per vote. Changes in Prison None to be made public at the time. Event Updates New event is being setup. Will keep you updated when we are ready to make it public. Gamemode will be KitPVP Known Bugs Votes not rewarding players End Dragon is not dropping eggs in Survival What to Expect Next Votes will be fixed soon. Kits Will be editing the Vote Crate to better reward players for voting Do keep in mind that staff applications are open! If you enjoy the server and want to help out, feel free to apply!
  2. Twas fun!

    Youre literally my favorite person from GFL why would i ever stop talking to you
  3. Twas fun!

    Thanks to everyone who hung out with me. Sadly I'm resigning. I don't have the freetime to admin JB anymore. Most of my PC time is spent working on minecraft and I've got some big life changes going on that take all my extra freetime away. I'll still be on the server from time to time. But just as a player. Love you all! 😘
  4. As of now our survival server is the only one open to the public, we are working on setting up a prison server which we hope to release next month!
  5. The hub has been made compatable with 1.8-1.13, and prison will be the same
  6. VW will be disabled when admins are on because its our job to keep the server fun, instead of making players vote, it is our discretion on who is doing a bad job as warden
  7. April 5th Shops are in progress of being configured on Survival Player Chest Shops now work AH is being investigated Lots of plugin and config changes, logged in discord from now on Adjusted the servers to restart an hour apart from each other Voting rewards have been set up, redeem your vote keys at spawn New spawn is almost finished (/spawn) Setup server fallbacks, you will now be redirected to hub upon a server crash/restart Prison server was unwhitelisted, the event details are available here: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/39201-the-first-minecraft-event/
  8. Mine is totally fighting with our minecraft servers I dont know what it is about it i might look angry and whatnot but i also find peace in digging into things that cause problems on the server
  9. I'm not sure which department would be in charge of this, or if I should go about it myself. @Ben you have any say in this?
  10. Yes but as it goes right now, all three servers use things from the newest updates. Adding that would cause issues on any of the three servers
  11. Skyblock wasn't very successful in out attempts. So we changed it to prison seeing that's what the community was interested in.
  12. The survival server required 1.13 support. If I bring backwards compatiblity we will lose some of the features in the new versions.
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