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  1. If you ever end up in the csgo JB server and see me on say hi! ❤️ hope you enjoy it here!
  2. Have a great time bud! Take it easy ❤️
  3. Thank you for you time @nocheat! ❤️
  4. My Steamid and IGN: Remuchu STEAM_0:1:81938734 Offenders: OT's Steam Profile STEAM_0:1:440289803 Soup's Steam Profile STEAM_0:1:439157830 StrategicCat's Steam Profile STEAM_0:0:473922929 Reason for report: Mass MFK Proof: Video Proof (click here) The video linked will show all proof for both OT and Soup. I have no actual proof for the freekills from Strategic, Gabe may have to do his own report here. There are many kills I did not show because technically they were not freekills(I would consider them freekills but others may not, did not want to make this a debate topic) but were a part of the MFK so people cannot be super nitpicky. Witnesses: Gabe's Steam Profile STEAM_0:0:473922929 Afterwords: Thanks to all the admins for their hard work on the server. I love you all! 😘
  5. If anyone is in need of custom bind configs across csgo gamemodes, let me know i enjoy making them and will personalize as needed!