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  1. Your ban appeal has been denied. Thank you for your time.
  2. He was flagged for hacks/scripting for allegedly being crouched on a bed and spam jumping. I have tried and could never get myself flagged for it due to getting a 0 perf.
  3. Pretty sure leks tested this before and couldnt get himself flagged, correct me if I'm wrong @Leks.
  4. This thread is for reporting any issues that you need to be fixed/taken care of in the survival server. Comment below with any issues. If your issue exists already in a post, please do not recomment.
  5. This weeks update has been delayed to next weekend. Sorry for the delay!
  6. We were all shouting that we were stuck, even the warden knew we were stuck and told the cts to wait. Lets be real you're super trigger happy when you play. You're a funny guy but you still need to chill with the toxicity. I think you blatantly ignored the fact that it was made clear that we were stuck. Sure we are friends (kinda) but I can't treat you any different then another player. Sorry bud.
  7. Remuwuchu

    1. Remuchu



  8. I'm also here if anyone needs someone to vent to or just someone to talk to. All my forms of contact are public and you can contact me any way you choose. We are here for you ❤️
  9. This is a big one boys, here we go. These notes are written in YML format, just cause I like writing in YML. These can also be found in the YML file in the #survival-updates section of the discord. Survival 2.01 Patch Notes The Currently installed plugins are as follows: - AntiCombatLogging - AuctionGUIPlus - BlocksHub - Citizens-2 - CitizensCMD - DummyFAWE - EssentialsX - EssentialsXChat - EssentialsXSpawn - Grief Prevention - Holograms - LagAssist - LiteBans - LuckPerms - mcMMO - OfflineTeleport - PlaceholderAPI - PlayerControl - QuickShop Remake - RandomTeleport - TempFly - UserManagment - Vault - WorldEdit Added this update: - EZBroadcast Updated this update: - mcMMO - Vault Removed this update: - Lands Changes to Permissions: Admin: #group.admin - added litebans.group.Admin - added group.TrialAdmin - added prefix.6.&5[Admin]&r TrialAdmin: #group.trialadmin - added litebans.group.TrialAdmin - added essentials.fly.* - added prefix.4.&5[Trial Admin]&r VIP: #group.vip - added essentials.sethome.multiple.8 - added essentials.nick.color - added group.supporter Supporter: #group.supporter - added essentials.command.hat - added essentials.enderchest - added essentials.nick - added essentails.sethome.multiple.6 - added group.member - added prefix.3.&5[Supporter]&r Member: #group.member - added essentials.sethome.multiple.4 - added group.default - added prefix.2.&9&r New User: #group.default - added essentials.back - added essentials.sethome.bed - added randomteleport.teleport - added auctionhouse.sell #broken - added bungeecord.command.list - added bungeecord.command.server - added discordsrv.Chat - added discordsrv.player - added essentials.afk - added essentials.afk.message - added essentials.balance - added essentials.balance.others - added essentials.balancetop - added essentials.Chat - added essentials.delhome - added essentials.help - added essentials.home - added essentials.motd - added essentials.pay - added essentials.sethome - added essentails.rules - added essentials.sethome.multiple.2 - added essentials.sethome.multiple - added essentials.spawn - added essentials.tpa - added essentials.tpaccept - added essentials.tpahere - prefix.1.&5[New User]&r Changes to Configs: Plugin: EssentialsX: Essentials: auto-afk-kick: -1 freeze-afk-players: true disable-item-pickup-while-afk: true Chat: custom-join-message: "&5Welcome to the GFLClan Survival server {USERNAME}!" custom-quit-message: "&2{USERNAME} has left the server!" Spawn: announce-format: '&dWelcome {DISPLAYNAME}&d to the server!' spawnpoint: none respawn-listener-priority: none spawn-join-listener-priority: none spawn-on-join: false Litebans: sql: driver: MySQL address: Confidential database: Confidential username: Confidential password: Confidential table_prefix: Confidential require_ban_mute_reason: true import: from: vanilla EZBroadcast: prefix: '&f[&6GFLClan Survival&f]' interval: 90 messages: - '&5Connect your minecraft account to your GFLClan forums profile to recieve your rank perks! https://gflclan.com/settings/minecraft/' - '&5Apply for member here! https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/' #END OF PATCH NOTES
  10. Survival 2.0

    With the release of 1.14, we decided to do a full reset to the survival server. Be sure to come check it out when you have some freetime! Hope to see you there! Server IP: mc.GFLClan.com
  11. Below will be an update for you all to keep up with what changes we make each week!
  12. With the release of our new survival world in the 1.14 update. I have moved the changelogs into each subforum section. Survival's changelog can be found in the Survival section, or also found here:
  13. Forum moderators please lock and move I got you smiley
  14. Twas fun!

    Youre literally my favorite person from GFL why would i ever stop talking to you
  15. Twas fun!

    Thanks to everyone who hung out with me. Sadly I'm resigning. I don't have the freetime to admin JB anymore. Most of my PC time is spent working on minecraft and I've got some big life changes going on that take all my extra freetime away. I'll still be on the server from time to time. But just as a player. Love you all! 😘
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