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  1. Pardon me if this is in the wrong area, feel free to redirect me to the correct forum if needed. Have we thought of using the GFLClan twitter account more for advertising events ect? I feel like twitter would be a really good platform for us to advertise on if the account were more active and descriptive about events ect... Would love to see it revived and used more personally.
  2. Shop?

    We are in the middle of switching plugins, and will have it up eventually. It is a very tedious task setting up the shops.
  3. Survival Update 2.8.14 Plugin Changes - Spartan: Removed for now, monitoring the server behavior to see if the plugin was too taxing. - GriefPreventionFlags: Added #This plugin will allow players to set flags on their claims. Not player accessable yet. #Things such as not allowing untrusted players in your claim. Enabling pvp in claims, ect... - QuickShopRemake: Removed #Being configured. - QuantumShop: Added #Being configured. - Citizens 2: Added #Not yet in use. - AuctionHouse: Added #Being configured. #END OF PATCH NOTES
  4. Go for it, I'm still working on figuring out these armor stands.
  5. The plugin causing the possible redstone lag has been disabled for now, to see if this is the cause. The invisible blocks are normally caused by player to server desync, possibly caused by the same plugin mentioned before. Watch for the changelogs to update when I find out of this is the cause.
  6. Server was just restarted, give it a little time.
  7. I will quote this in my notepad in the discord. Thank you for your feedback!
  8. I agree, most of this is planned, but I will take your advice on the rules post and explaining how to get member. I will add the holograms ect soon, trying to figure out why they still show the armor stands. I will also look into /vip and /supporter commands.
  9. Survival Update 2.1 Current Plugins in use: - ajAntiXray - Advanced Mob Arena - AuctionGUIPlus - BlocksHub - Citizens-2 - CitizensCMD - Core Protect - DiscordSRV - EssentialsX - EssentialsXChat - EssentialsXSpawn - ExploitFixer - EZBroadcast - Grief Prevention - Holograms - InsaneShops - JupiterCore - LagAssist - LiteBans - LuckPerms - mcMMO - MineableSpawners - MOTD - OfflineTeleport - PerWorldInventories - PlaceholderAPI - PlayerControl - ProtocolLib - QuickShop Remake - Reworld - RestrictiveCreative - TAB - TempFly - UltimateKits - UltraCustomizer - UserManagment - Vault - WorldEdit - WorldGuard There are many missing changes between the last update and this one. We will be skipping those changes and will be logging every change from here on out. Changes: Spartan - Adjusted to be less agressive and only flags players for now without kicking. #As the AI gets more false positives it will analyze those and reduce the amount of false positives. Things like #Elitra's will cause false positives until the plguin puts together that it happens across multiple players #when one is being worn in each flag. Advanced Mob Arena - Currently disabled from use for players. #The plugin in it's current state seems to cause more issues rather than offering more fun for players, #until this is fixed by the developer the Mob Arena's will not be in use UltimateKits - Creation of the kits has been pushed back to prioritize the creation of the server shop. #Shop will be addressed later in this report InsaneShops - The server shop has been closed originally due to repricing, now delayed due to a new shop being built. #Bonk is in the process of building the new shop area, once it is complete Ari will be assisting me in setting #up all of the chest shops. This plugin may be switched for one that may be more appealing for the use case. Minecraft - gamerule mobGriefing has been set to true. #This is a result of the gamerule being set to false restricting villagers from breeding. Creepers will not #damage the world upon explosion. Plans: Advanced Mob Arena - Once the plugin is updated we plan to reopen MA if the plugin is stable. Spartan - I plan to allow Spartan to keep training and eventually will attempt to set it back to a more agressive punishment mode, once the false positives subside. UltimateKits - Buyable kits are planned for the near future as we impliment buycraft. We will also have purchasable items to give players who are willing to pay the extra edge. All items and kits WILL be obtainable with ingame currency or grinding out the materials necessary. TempFly - We are considering allowing Supporter, and VIP to use TempFly to allow flight for a set amount of time each day. LuckPerms - We are also considering custom ranks, apart from GFL's official ranks. Do not worry if you are VIP or Supporter, you will be assigned the rank at the cost equilivent of the your GFL donor role at the time. #END OF PATCH NOTES
  10. Why havent i seen this yet i about cried my eyes out reading this
  11. You literally banned me for no reason

    All I did was say "LOOK I can build at spawn"

    When I didn't even build there it just got backed up or something.

    Like honestly how do you think I would be able to build at spawn?

    Dumb boi or girl

    1. flyingjoe32


      Hi, what server were you banned from? I'll be able to direct you to the right place where you'll be able to appeal your ban.

    2. Bonk
  12. For the record I will start by saying, this is not due to any reports that were made against me as an admin. I am taking my leave from JB and the CSGO division as a whole. This time it will be indefinitely. The reason behind this is a change I have been making in my life, and the people I keep around me. Recently I have been spending alot of time working on the Minecraft servers with @Korowa (the best bestie anyone can have) and some other friends. In the past week or so I noticed how much I enjoyed the nontoxic environment, and the peace that came with it. With this being said, I will be leaving JB because of general toxicity. Before I got into games like CSGO ect. I was never a toxic player, or person. And after spending so little time in those environments recently, I am noticing the changes in my behavior that I would rather. My older self you could say. I do not go to church often, really not at all in the past years. Not that I plan to start, but the one time I did go in the past 6 or so years, the one thing I got from the message that was given was, If I want to make a change in myself I must make a change in what is around me. If I want to change what comes from my heart, I must limit and change what goes into it. So with that being said, both CSGO and the general toxicity that is carried in the JB community are things that I no longer want around me. This is not due to any certain person at all. It is just the nature of CSGO at this point. If you want to keep up with me, you can find me daily on the minecraft server, or you can also find me in the NEW GFL Minecraft Discord that was recently released. I hope you all have great fun, and don't miss me too much, I'll still be around GFL. This is my goodbye, Jailbreak, It was so much fun while it lasted! I hope you all have an amazing day! Love you guys!
  13. First off, this is the wrong place for an appeal. Second, normally when you are ctbanned by an admin it is a decision made with confidence. We do not ctban people because we feel like it.
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