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  1. Happy Birthday 


  2. Yes buddy it’s me, I missed you too dude. Glad to see you’re still around as well
  3. No lie unzo I think about you often, I missed the dumb shit we used to do on JB. Glad to see you’re still around ubers here
  4. Your favorite trashcan gamer is back boys! I wouldn't say in the same way as before. I have found my place in SurfRPG now. I am now living a peaceful life and would like to get back in touch with those of you here who made my time amazing, I miss those of you. I am back and ready for the memes ect. Alot has changed with me since I left and I can say they are all for the best. You won't see me here on the forums much, if you wanna find me peek SurfRPG and come say hi ❤️
  5. Build in peace my dude, sad to see you go.

    1. Remuchu


      Thanks for the kind words, figure it's time to come back, in a way at least. I kinda just hang out in SurfRPG on CSS.

  6. poopy stinky poo

  7. If anyone wants to stay in touch, my discord is Remuchu#5660

    Have a good one yall, this is goodbye.

  8. Think an i5 3470 and a 1050 would be worth putting up for use?
  9. Take it easy big man, don't push yourself too much!
  10. Lag

    Any FPS lag will based on your client itself, there is nothing I can do to help with that. The server is being updated, and I am reading into the timings to see if we can find the root cause of the servers loss in TPS.
  11. Lag

    If you do your best to describe what kind of lag your experiencing I can work on mitigating it if possible.
  12. Shop?

    We are in the middle of switching plugins, and will have it up eventually. It is a very tedious task setting up the shops.
  13. Survival Update 2.8.14 Plugin Changes - Spartan: Removed for now, monitoring the server behavior to see if the plugin was too taxing. - GriefPreventionFlags: Added #This plugin will allow players to set flags on their claims. Not player accessable yet. #Things such as not allowing untrusted players in your claim. Enabling pvp in claims, ect... - QuickShopRemake: Removed #Being configured. - QuantumShop: Added #Being configured. - Citizens 2: Added #Not yet in use. - AuctionHouse: Added #Being configured. #END OF PATCH NOTES
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