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  1. Thank you all guys. I see I was not mistaken about you. I wish I could quote you all, you made my day. See you later!
  2. Uh, Hi :D

    Well, I saw GFL on TTT and prop hunt back in the day. But I come from the Breach server. Real good time spent. I will pay a visit to the other servers too someday.
  3. Uh, Hi :D

    Hello everyone, I joined today. I don't have much to say except I found this to be a really friendly and welcoming community so I felt like joining here. As you can see, my usertag is Lethal, but you can always call me Seb (Or Sebastian). I'm part of the Garry's Mod community, but I'm looking forward yo join you on other divisions as well. Well that's it I guess, i won't tell you my life. See you ingame!
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