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  1. Hey there, I recommended that you should apply, but I never agreed in sponsoring you. I typically don’t sponsor people since I’m the one that accepts/denies applications. I’ll leave this up though so you can find a suitable sponsor!
  2. Hi there! I was looking into your ban, and it looks like the IP you have is linked to 3 other banned accounts sharing that IP as well. Do you use a VPN by chance?
  3. Hey there! There is no reason to apologize, you're completely fine! I'm just glad it was caught before it became a huge problem. I was aware the plugin glitched the cliff area, but was not aware that players were allowed to build once it was glitched. Due to the fact that players are able to glitch that area with the parachutes, I decided it was best to remove it. Trust me, I loved the plugin as well, it was really fun to play around with on the server. Until I can find a plugin that won't glitch that area, it won't be added back. I appreciate your sincerity!
  4. You have been unbanned. PLEASE make sure you are more careful about your VPN so this doesnt happen again. Thank you!
  5. Of course! If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to shoot me a message!
  6. Welcome to the GFL forums!
  7. POGCHAMP GOOD JOB! I wish you luck with the rest of your death journey
  8. This was already discussed in the TF2 discord. It was a crash. Next time, just ping me or Pedro if something happens to the server, thanks.
  9. Happy Veteran's Day!

  10. this sounds fucking D E L I C I O U S, thank you oml
  11. As y'all know, Thanksgiving is coming up quite quickly. This year I want to try adding a little something special to my family's traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Typically we have some mashed squash, homemade stuffing, green beans, carrots, and all the other basics for Thanksgiving. Knowing that this will be my last Thanksgiving with my family for a while, I want to just spice some things up. SO BASICALLY, just comment below how you would make one of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, it would be extremely helpful if you commented any one of your favorite dinner dishes! Please try to be as elaborate as you can when explaining how to properly cook them and each ingredient that's needed! I don't want to be making some funky tasting meals for my family If you can include pictures of the dish(es), that would be great too! Thank yas! ❤️ 🦃🍁🍂
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