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  1. Although this is definitely true in most cases, it’s not in mine. My skin is just overall F U C K E D. I’ve had many tests done to see if if there are any hormonal imbalances, and there were none. I even got recommended to get an ultrasound done to test for PCOS because I had a few symptoms of it, and nothing. Everything is clear. They did over 10 different types of blood tests on me and everything came back completely normal. BC is my only way of keeping everything together
  2. I would say two. When they make straws it’s all one plastic, and the ends need to be cut off. But you can’t cut off both sides with one cut, it takes two.
  3. No matter what, my face will still flake and bruise. No one knows what the deal is with my skin lol
  4. The thing is, I’ve talked to cosmetologists and dermatologists. They all gave me stuff that made my skin worse. Even soaps that dry your oils. I can’t do anything that takes out oils from my skin or else my skin gets too dry, flakes, then bruises. Like I said, you name it, I’ve more than likely already tried it. Even going to places to get facials done. It worked for two months and then my face completely broke out. BC is all I got lmao
  5. I tried plenty of topical treatments and facewashes, body washes, acne solutions, you name it, I've already tried it. It's only made things worse. There are things listed on the pamphlets you get with the BC pill that states it helps acne, and once I started it, it cleared everything up. Once I miss a couple of days, my acne is back. BC is the ONLY thing that has cleared up my acne for the past 2 years, after 5 years of trying to clear it up. The implants in the arm will not help the acne, it'll just be for preventing birth. That's why I stick to the BC pill.
  6. I wouldn't be handing him my entire medical record first off, that's an exaggeration. But he would know that I am using it, and if he sees the information on the BC package that was filled out by my doctor and still didn't believe it, then I'd simply go to the doctor himself with my boyfriend for further proof. And if I'm not taking it every day at the same time as I'm supposed to and I end up pregnant? Well, that's my fault and should've done my part. As I said, I don't personally use BC that for that reason, so that is not the issue I have with this whole thing. But you are thinking of it (I believe) in a different way that I am. I'm thinking more legally. You can't lie about being on birth control. If a situation is taken to court, a girl lies about being on birth control with no medical history of being prescribed with it, then she's screwed. Obviously, you can tell someone that you are/aren't on it, but if the situation gets more out of hand, then the girl won't win. Therefore, NO you can't lie about being on birth control. And yes, you can not take it every day like you're prescribed to do. But as stated earlier, it's more of the girl's fault if she didn't take it like said, and further legality procedures would go into effect, which I wouldn't know of because I've never been in such a situation. Birth control, as I said, is used for a lot more reasons than just birth control, even more beyond my knowledge. It's a blessing and a curse. Taking an overall ban on birth control is horrendous, and shouldn't happen. It's helped me with many personal problems that I had dealt with for 5+ years. If I fuck up just a couple of days by not taking it like normal, those same personal issues come back on. I'm not taking it for the sole purpose of preventing birth, though it has helped me in the past, so I have a completely different opinion on it than most do when they first think of BC.
  7. Birth control is also used for many different reasons other than preventing birth. Yes, BC can have some negative side effects, but it can help so many people. I use birth control for my acne, and sorry for the TMI, but regulating my periods. I've been on for almost two years and it has worked the greatest. I know plenty of guys who also take BC to help with their acne. Hence why there are so many different brands and strengths, because it all isn't for preventing birth. You cannot lie about being on birth control, because your doctor MUST prescribe you with it. Therefore, it will be on your record and if you lie about being on it, you're pretty stupid. It took me 5 months for my doctor to agree to put me on BC. I needed it because there was no other way to clear up my acne. No matter what I did, it kept getting worse until my doctor finally said yes. The sole reason why states are starting to ban BC is because of the main reason why it was made.. to prevent birth. Which I won't get into now but that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard or seen.
  8. Bro, I just read up on this and actually what the fuck. And Ohio passed a similar law and banned birth control? Lmfao this country is gonna fall
  9. KEEP IT FRIENDLY AND CIVIL! What makes you lose your marbles? What makes other people lose their marbles? Get the discussion going! Remember to keep it friendly and civil with each other, this is just for fun! I'm really interested in how this goes. Just post a topic that's close to your heart, wait for others to reply and debate it out! Keep the chains going Remember to keep it friendly and civil with each other, this is just for fun! May the odds be ever in your favor.
  10. Now, hold up. I wouldn’t be out here calling it “a waste”. You got ONE person out here trying to make changes to the server and figure out what’s going on. I’m not sucking ass to Law because of my relation to him, it’s just straight facts. I’ve said before in Wayne’s post, this takes time. This server has been gone for how long? You can’t expect 100 people everyday. I do agree with the others in the comments about fixing the issues we have now, and that would make a change in population. But what does that consist of? The time and people. There’s very little time for one person. He’s not a magic genie. Anyone can take their time off from the server because of minor issues all they’d like. But don’t have unrealistic expectations when this server just recently came back. If anyone is dedicated to this server as much as they say they are, they will contribute their time, and support it. That’s all I have to say.
  11. In my elementary years, I once stood in the middle of the class and sneezed. And you bet, I let a big one rip from the other end. There was no covering that
  12. I really hope you apologized to the cantaloupe
  13. What's the most embarrassing thing that you've ever done or said? Mine: I once peed on myself outside during a field day in the second grade... I then "accidentally spilled" water all over my pants so it looked like it was just water. Not my best
  14. I haven’t been here long in the community, but it also seems like when it first came up, there were some people that didn’t really want to do anything to change. No action was being taken until some people got promoted, and unfortunately it happened when the server was dying down. I’m most definitely a newer player, but I enjoy it as it so far. Sure, there could be more ways to make money which would be nice, but as starting ground, I personally believe it’s fine. It all takes time! I’m sure there’ll be a more positive turn out soon.
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