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  1. Again, like your other report, with this rule, we have enough to mute them for the implications of racial slurs (rule 4) but there is no proof of them using any hacks.
  2. Hello, Do you have any further proof of these players hacking? We can't do much without solid proof of them going right up to props, having aimbot, etc. I do agree that their amount of kills is unseen and a rare occurrence, so I do believe that is enough to add them to the watchlist. But, a kill count is not definitive proof. We can, however, place them on the watchlist.
  3. To be completely honest with you, this idea isn't far out of reach. That's considering how we just got access to new machines that could run servers on them with plenty of room to expand multiple divisions, and I think something like this (a spinoff of a previous or current server based on a former version of it) would be a cool idea. Although, we may need some more ideas for the new server if we want it to really happen. I'd figure that admin teams would transfer/be global between the 2 servers, and we'd more than likely need a new manager or an additional manager to help manage the other one. But, this idea in my opinion is overall great and I'd love to be a part of this server and making it happen to the best of my abilities.
  4. very epic, welcome to GFL gamerΒ :yes:

  5. Okay, thank you!! Also, yes, that leftmost image is amazing lmaooo I’ll probably being adding this to my signature at some point tomorrow.
  6. Yea, just the image that I put split in the same way/shape, I can add any of the extra stuff like text and borders.
  7. Considering how it has been nearly two weeks, I am going to bump this. So, yeah. *bump*
  8. My opinion: This is a bad idea. This can be abused very badly. Somebody can just come on with a big group of their buddies, one of them could by Supporter or VIP, and it they could all team up on the person and kick them if this were implemented. This is essentially pay-for-admin. I don’t believe any rank that can be accessed by anyone should have access to anything with punishment capabilities. It would just be so easy for some troll to hop on in the middle of the night and start abusing vote commands. These powers should only be something that can be obtained by applying for a rank on the server. I don’t see this ever being implemented as it would do more bad than good. Just ping the staff team if you must get help with something, because putting punishment capabilities in the hands of the community is just a terrible idea. Especially the GMod community, and even more especially, the TTT community. It is so toxic, there’s always someone on trying to get under your skin. A team of them is dangerous enough, never mind giving them the power to punish somebody. There’s also the fact that kicking a player is a temporary thing, if they’re breaking the rules in the first place, they’re the kind of people to come back for more after you greatest efforts to try and stop them. In the end, having power and handing it to the community with a β€œuse this when you want to” sign hanging off of it has much more bad outcomes than better. I’m sure you understand this, too, because the TTT community/the GMod community is so toxic just by itself.
  9. Well, I'd say first, you can disable voice chat as I'm sure you know. ("voice_enable 0" in console if you didn't.) Secondly, what happens if it's one of the situations where a ton of trolls are on and there's one person they particularly feel annoyed about? In that case, they could all gang up on the person and use the vote ban command you're recommending and get them banned. I feel as though, as Rocket said, banning and kicking are powers that should only be accessible by the staff team of the server.
  10. Couldn't find a way to get the forum banner on its own without the text, will this do? (I can change the background to any color)
  11. By the way, @iamBleu, I just figured out it was separated like this for Leks. Just in case that might help you : )
  12. Ok, thanks. That's what I figured it was, but I know some other forums use a type of format with brackets that I can't give an example of here cause it works here.
  13. Nope. No specific time : )
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