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  1. -1 plans weeks ahead on the best danm_ polls I've evher seen. Wuld be a grät addishon 2 the teem. Accepted i'd lyke @niggherk to confirm spawnsership bee 4 proseeding with the denial
  2. +1 All said previously, I don't see any issues here. Good luck!
  3. +1 Despite what has been said here, I've never personally had any issues with you so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. You perform well in TTT MC from when I've been both admin and a player there, so it shows me you have the needed maturity. One thing I will point out is sometimes you can appear to be a bit trolly, if you end up hosting an event, try to keep that to a minimum or nil. Good luck!
  4. // Unravel //

  5. // Unravel //

  6. Especially in regards to relationships and relationships with groups of people, endings are inevitable. It always sucks to see them go out in ways that are unexpected and worse than you'd like, though. While recently I haven't talked much, I hope to keep in contact outside of GFL. Staying up until midnight with everyone laughing during Jackbox or watching The Masked Singer and other things on discord with y'all until like 2-3 in the morning was still fun nonetheless. I'll try to join in next time I can for the fun. Cya around!
  7. We removed office because it was voted out during the vote. It had nothing to do with textures (not to say that didn’t have a hand in the players voting). The map can be played the way it is intended to, however it’s been on the server for a long time now and due to its size many people already know most of what it has to offer. Any and all existing maps in the map pool were either suggested by someone in the community or voted to stay by players in the past. This goes to show that the people who actually do enjoy cornfield both exist and there are (or at least, we’re) more of them in our community. It wasn’t an issue of total popularity, either. Again, maps get voted out directly by the players, not on what the managers believe the players want based on word from some players. Sure, the reality can be that they want to use it to point farm, but then again, some people like point farming and some people don’t. There’s 2 sides to every story. Which, again, supports my golden point that: We don’t decide the map pool. The players do. Maybe bring your opinions up in general chat in the discord next time we have a map vote. For now, you’re gonna have to deal. We don’t remove maps because one player feels it is a “prop holocaust” and is unbalanced for the server. That would be unfair to the rest of the people who actually do like the map. Also, I will reiterate this again: tell us about the rule breakers while the rule breaking is happening. Complaining about it after the fact and using it at a ploy to get your way with management isn’t going to help. So, be there for the next map vote and air your opinion, allow us to actually help with the problems you explain by contacting the admin team via our ticket system in discord while it’s happening, and for now just deal with the map. If you try to play your best on it, I’m sure you’ll find that it isn’t impossible to survive as a prop on it.
  8. Well, while I technically could, it isn’t something I am willing nor want to do. I understand the hate for it entirely, but I can’t just remove it because some people don’t like it. It’s me and Reaper’s job as managers to make the server the best we can according to what is most liked by the community. Cornfield has survived all the past votes, and I assume it will continue to. That being said, it’s still a popular map and just because a set group of people dislike it, same can be said for those who like it. There’s people to debate for each side, which is why we leave it up to the community (in the vote) to decide whether it and all the other maps in the pool remain in. As for the illegal spots, you should use the ticket system in our discord to privately contact the entire staff team (it pings us) so that we can fix the issue as best as possible. That is not a fault of the map, it is a fault of the player creating the issue. There are actually some decent spots in cornfield that I know of which I am not going to share cause of them being not known yet lmao.
  9. While this wasn’t my ban, but rather Reaper’s (so I will not be deciding on it), I’d like to give my input. The MOTD is not there just for decoration upon joining the server every time. It is there to inform you of the rules that you agree to follow upon closing it, as well as the agreement to allow us to investigate players. It is very clearly stated that hacking is not allowed. That being said, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. No server in GFL tolerates it, and bans within GFL apply to all of it’s servers, so you should have considered that before breaking one of our rules that warrants a permanent ban knowing that, if caught, you wouldn’t be allowed to play on the server again. If you do manage to get unbanned and you play on our server again, please take everything I’ve said here into consideration as I highly doubt (if it even happens this time) you would be able to get your appeal accepted for a permanent ban again. TL;DR: The rules are stated after having joined the server, you agree to follow them and should’ve done so. While it is unlikely you’ll be unbanned, if you do, and break this same rule again, you won’t be given nearly the same amount of leniency you were here. (again, if you are unbanned)
  10. So put a suggestion in our discord to remove it. Also, sometimes we do a vote in the discord, every 4-5 months or so, where everyone decides what maps stay and go. Try to be there for the next one if your suggestion doesn’t get many positives in the discord. I will say, though, cornfield is both a highly popular and highly hated map, so I think it will be unlikely that it’s current state will change.
  11. no, you're wrong
  12. 5/6/2020 Update - 1:00 PM EST Additions: - !missions menu, gives you rewards for completing missions. Has member and donator perks! (more missions available to do at once, +25% points rewarded per completion for Supporter+) - !emotes menu, lets you pick emotes to use in-game. Has member and donator perks! (more available slots to put bought emotes in) This command has been reported by some users to not work via chat. If this happens to you, put “emotes” in console. Changes - N/A Fixes: - N/A Removals: - N/A
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