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    Good morning GFL members, management and random readers from google (I was one of them before :P) My name is abu and I am 33 years old who loves to play CS:GO even knowing I am one of the worst player. Brief history about me.. I was once staff in wristhax.com community which is #1 community in CS 1.6. no doubt. Now I am veteran as I no longer play 1.6. I have searched through different communities looking to join one with active CS:GO players, who respect and support each other, in other words basically looking for 2nd online home. I have a feeling that I can also be a good part of this community. I used to host 10 man, clan battle, lottery events, deagle tournament, csgo and cs 1.6 packs giveaways to those kids who cant afford it n so on. Authenticity of my profile and events can be verified here: http://wristhax.com/members/abu.7994/ And my worst YouTube videos I made can be checked here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjY5s0ctrsaqVUG46WNCR1A/videos?view_as=subscriber Main reason to join this clan is I want to be a part of one active 10 man server, players playing with strats, practicing nades n all and making it competitive and fun. Hopefully I can arrange friendly clan tournament like best of 3 once we reach that level. Thanks for reading, see you around.
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