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  1. 2019 new fags Dik suk tier 10 Overly "friendly" Not themselves I want my clout now Csgo bizon negev How should I use that item? Spec me oh wait !colors Xoe tryouts 2mil Screenshot of mayko maaco Call me jesus Sg sg knock back Unknown admin Who even is this Who are you people Waiting on magma take ur time no rush b Nom vote auto mute Mute mute Gameplay? What even Is that? Keep him out of the discord Fix stuff mayb B urself Get help Trustworthy beings
  2. Dam another player effected by no spec in game that's sad.
  3. Tfw when you won't be ever again to free roam in spec in any of those maps listed. 00f
  4. I'm not sure if this is a truly great idea. I think there are way better solutions then just destroying spectating in general. This is newly added and by the looks of it the majority of the community hate this, many people I have questioned say it's not a good idea and or dislike it strongly but overall it's a negative response from the players. In the gfl ze discord i see people talking how about that they are playing on the server and they see that there is about 20 spectators in the server, and I know its cliche but wouldn't that have been solved if there was admin around? Say if there was no admin, how about implement a spectator cap? Maybe a auto kick of how much time you've been in spec and a player is kicked due to hitting that time limit, or have an auto afk spec purge if there are no admins on. I'm just giving ideas dont take it to the heart, yes it may sound dumb but it's just thought. With deleting spectating overall this will severely hurt new players in how to use items and learning/teaching new players how a map is played. Personally when I was a noob player and even to this day when there is a new map I would look around and explore then after I would spectate a player that has map/item knowledge. So with taking out spectating it hurts not just new players but all of us. Overall, not allowing spectating is such a bad idea. Admins and higher ups, you need to look into how a new player and or a generic person who plays ze. You might say it's not all bad but look at it through different eyes in what this brings to the players.
  5. How was anything I said not understandable, its bright and clear? I'm just giving my POV, afterall nothing has been set and confirmed for any changes so it's a bit of a cluster f mess even figuring out where to proceed and even begin before actual official changes take place. And I did read your post enough for my comment to correlate to your post, I dont see what the problem is? Heck, I'm supporting your post lol ? What.
  6. GFL ZE definently needs more weapon variety. I agree the top 2 weapons being the negev and bizon are just downright dominating ZE no questions asked. These two guns have a history as well especially the bizon, it's og, and legendary. I'm all for gun changes, the server desperately needs some more variety added to the gun play. But then again please respect the bizon and negev with the balances, I'm just saying dont throw them under the bus and make them utterly useless and destroy the gun, work around it and apply the nerfs where it makes the most sense. I would say the best solution is to buff the majority of the low tier guns and do small nerfs to the existing top tier weapons and work from there. The worst thing you can do is buff a weapon so much it replaces the two top tier weapons and you go full circle but worse. To summarize, buff all the low tier garbage weapons and make reasonable nerfs to the existing top tiers.
  7. Spinning with Barbossa is for the most part always addressed by an admin or players if someone is seen doing it and or if its brought up in a discussion. I see where you're coming from to allowing a player to spin without any set official rules in the server or a forum post where it says one cannot spin, But wouldn't you agree spinning to make the zombie skin item hitbox little to non existent for the human team not being able to counter or stop it without any sort of knock back is an unfair advantage for humans? Imagine humans spinning so a zombie couldn't knife to infect. I think the problem here is the server not really addressing the spinning problem but then again why even address it or bring it up so a curious noob player can try it out. Maybe the spinning issue itself can be fixed but I dont know what causes It and if it could even be fixed at all. I forgot to mention the other big spinning problem on the map ze skyrim. Intended, Non intended spinning is one of those issues with some unclear and unknown solutions.
  8. Eban Appeal

    I was in the server when this happened and there was nothing wrong about this. There was literally no trolling, no rule breaking, no team killing. The map was even beat legitimately. The thing that wasn't legitimate was that eban.
  9. How is that even retarded? It's a suggestion. How is anything going to be solved if people can't throw suggestions out, and just call it retarded? That's why I said something along those lines. I'm just giving some ideas. No shit if it's going to be retarted, they ain't facts.
  10. Just make admin apps private. I know it sucks there will be no more meme apps anymore but it's nothing crazy. Hide the applicants post from the public, just show the name to the public to whoever made the application and allow reactions and or comments for members/the community in how they feel about the person, but just keep the juicy long paragraphs to admin eyes only. Something along those lines.
  11. So is that map just going to be forgotten and brushed under the carpet for some unknown reason or is it being worked on for a new version? Is the map bugged? If so, can't we just use an older stable version? I'm just wondering. Please inform me. I know many people that adore that map and want to play it again but where is it? Will it ever be back? Or never?
  12. If this is serious or not. Look. i know where you're coming from, I don't like FF maps aswell all to much either. They create a weird vibe where trollers, laser fags, haters, weebs, egotistical people, solo elitist, and is also a ZE clan tag show off orgy all come togther and play these types of maps. All of that can be really off putting i understand. Whether you like it or not FF maps will always be played, i tend to just avoid FF maps and come back after they are gone. Theres really no need to get all toxic and spam rtv while the map is being played which most of the time you wont get anything accomplished. Just avoid it, come back, be happy.
  13. Even from 2016 I've always experienced this and it does feel like it got worse. My player hitbox feels like its not in sync, it feels like its dragging. It makes close quarters defending unplayable and makes you play further back. I want to defend risky and be a risky distance from zombies and yes everyone agrees when defending like that can legitimately get you knifed for being to close. But in many cases in which on my screen i know where i stand and the distsnce from where a zombie is i still manage to get knifed from a range thats very questionable. As for being a zombie its just as bad, in some cases the sound of the knife slashing someone plays but nothing connects and im just left sitting there like ?what? Did i really get the knife sound but didnt infect the human? Please just look into it more, its an on going issue thats been happening.
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