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  1. Thank you. Perhaps, though I dont think 4715 will be balanced on release date if it is ever implemented.
  2. This would be a replacement spawner for 682. 682 can one shot, gain health from kills and take no damage for certain periods of time. I can see why you would think it would make 334 look bad but 334 can still gain health, range and speed from kills, and generally has a fast hitting melee. Again, I dont know whether 4715 on release is going to be overpowered or underpowered, but despite this 4715 still has flaws the other scps dont.
  3. Here is the link to the original article: http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-4715
  4. Looking at the SCPs we have, they all more or less serve as a role in the game. One of the roles that I thought could use another SCP was the "tank" of the SCP team. As of posting this, SCP-682 is the only true "tank" in the game, with SCPs like 106 and 173 possibly filling that role. While SCP-682 fills this role well, I wanted to give an alternative to it, and then I stumbled upon SCP-4715. I have always been a fan of the "hybrid" SCPs, pretty much SCPs that take elements from other SCPs and combines them together. An example would be 689, who takes elements from SCPs like 1471, 173 and 096. 4715 would be a hybrid of 682 and 334, having the tankiness of 682, while having the ability to gain boosts in stats like 334. So how would this look in game? You Are SCP-4715 You are a large hexapodal mammalian carnivore with chimeric morphology. As you take damage, you grow in mass and become stronger. At a threshold of 100, you can use RMB to decrease your mass and regenerate. Starting Hp: 2000 Damage: Starts at 20(Does more damage as damage threshold increases, capping at 70) Damage is on delay(not instant) Speed: Starts at 096 docile speed(Gains speed as damage threshold increases, capping at 076-2 speed) LMB: Attack RMB: Regenerate(Can only use this when damage threshold is 100%. Gains around 300 health but damage and speed stats reset to 20 and 096 docile speed respectively). Passive: Damage threshold is shown in percent. Grows as 4715 takes more damage, caps at 100% threshold(500 damage). Once at 100%, 4715 will stop receiving stat buffs. At 100% 4715 will maintain a damage of 70 and a speed of 076-2 until he regenerates. Regeneration resets the threshold as well as the damage/speed buffs. Spawn: Replacement spawn for 682(unless you want to see the world burn and have both spawn in.) Model: Best models for this are probably doom models. Most of them will do Some examples: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2087654234&searchtext=doom https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=841061265&searchtext=doom Can use this as as a reference (Check out TheRubber if you haven't btw): I have no clue how the balancing of this SCP will be. He may turn out underpowered, he may turn out overpowered. Whatever it is, I'm sure that it can be adjusted so that 4715 stays a threat while also not breaking the game. Hoped you liked the idea, thanks for reading and have a great day.
  5. Dont add the GOC, no one likes neutral killers.
  6. Also would probs recommend showing this to the breach discord
  7. I have been wanting 3199 for a while now and this suggestion lives up to it. Just some things to critique: 1. You didn't point out a spawn for 3199. My recommendation is a replacement spawner for 049 or 076-2. 2. I get that the purpose of this scp is to let others play the game but 20 seconds for the egg to hatch seems like too much, especially when offspring can also lay eggs and the original 3199 can hatch them instantly with r. I would recommend like 30 or 40 seconds instead. Also 3199's design only sounds like it would work for 25+ players since not everyone is going to be in spectator at lower player counts. Other than that great suggestion and about fucking time for an actual 3199 model. +1
  8. Just noticed undying had invincibility too. I was referring more to untouchable.
  9. Really solid suggestion. This is one of the examples of RNG done right as the game could be very different each time but still be fun. Not a fan of the invincibility one tho, giving a class with a gun invincibility is not fun to fight against. Class E are an entire new team, they should be given a lot of depth to them. Overall +1
  10. I like this idea but it depends on the distance, duration and cool down for it to make a difference for how he is now. The sprint I suggested allows him to move across hallways more efficiently and generally let him deal with people who severely outrange him(especially on the surface). Its up to you as you are the server manager. Thanks for giving my suggestion some attention.
  11. With the addition of abilities for SCP-106 and SCP-457, I wanted to see if any other SCPS could use an update. 049 was one of the first that came to mind as he only has one attack which is to infect. Don't get me wrong, in the right hands 049 can be a great SCP, able to create an army of 049-2s which can kill and escape to provide extra points to the team. However, 049 has some weaknesses that can be easy to exploit. 049 despite getting a speed buff, still moves slower than humans which can result in him missing kills or getting outranged. With the exception of coordinated flanks, it feels sometimes that you have to be lucky to line up a bunch of kills. So for me, 049's mobility is the problem here, as he has to rely on sneak attacks and can not catch up to players. What I propose is a simple ability, but an effective one. Ability: Right click allows SCP-049 to move faster(076 speed) for about 1-2 seconds on a 10-15 second cooldown This is not the most lore-friendly ability but I did pick it up from a addendum in 049's article in which: Quote: Shortly after finishing its preparations, SCP-049 quickly closed the distance between the two, killing the subject with a touch to its throat. The reason for this ability is to give 049 some more control over attacks. The duration of the sprint may not last long but it can allow 049 a bit more mobility in attacking prey. This also helps 049 in travelling long distances. Keep in mind this is 076 speed which moves faster than humans but isn't quite something like 682 sprint speed, so he can be still blocked by doors. Overall I just wanted to give 049 a bit more to his play style that doesn't turn him into Rambo. Feel free to disagree if you think 049 is fine as is. Thank you for your time. Source: http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-049
  12. On site 19(not sure if this problem affects other maps), there is problems with desk and platform collisions. For instance, when i try to jump or crouch jump on the tables in the lcz checkpoint rooms, i fall through the tables. This problem is at its worst in the gas hallway past 096's spawn. Underneath the walkway is a place where smgs can spawn and it is a very viable spot for d class and reseachers to rush. When i jump down, grab the smg and then try to jump on the machines to get out, i fall through the machines. I have steam screenshots of this but i am not sure how to upload them here. I would appreciate if someone could tell me how.
  13. I can see that but the smg tweek made a lot of the rifles useless. The smgs did just as much or more damage than the rifles and adding on the rifles other issues(the movement speed penalty and the lower clip size), it made the smgs the go to weapons.
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