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  1. Good suggestion but 607 spawn if i remember correctly already has 610 and 966. 173's spawn would be unfair for the d class considering how fast 3199 is. I believe that 3199 should be a spawn replacement for 076-2, meaning it would take his place in the 513 room.
  2. ..................... First of all, if you have a research article length comment that has nothing to do with Miguels suggestion, make your own suggestion. Second of all, reading it gave me a headache but some of the stuff you were talking about would not work for breach. Third of all... just stop
  3. 512 would work better for 346. Does 397 have ables sword, a spear or both?
  4. You have some interesting ideas but some details are unclear or missing. 317- Decent idea but how long would 317's special ability last? If its a move that barges in to people does it go into a straight line? What swep can be used? 346- Do you have a different swep in mind other than the one 160 had? Otherwise it would be pretty hard to improve on 160's trashy flying ability. Playable 354- You mentioned some creatures but didnt mention what they would do. 354 is a big scp so it it probably needs its own suggestion. 363- Bullet resistance is a pain in the ass to begin with and having a ability to be even more resistant would be aggravating. 397- What weapon would be throwable? Also the original 035 teamed with both scps and d class. If i remember correctly, 035 was moved over to d class team because being allied with scps and d class made it tempting for the two teams to join sides. I would either not have 397 be friendly with d class or have it d class aligned.
  5. Well its up to the admins and considering that scps are getting flashlights in the future, I am wondering if it might make 280 complicated. There could be a solution perhaps, we will have to wait and see.
  6. Sounds good. I like your 280 suggestion on paper, it just needs some improvement to be balanced. I kind of see what you mean with 247 and 250 but they kinda take up space on maps that other more interesting scps like 280 could fill. I still advise making sure that your suggestion has a model before you suggest it, since it could result in the suggestion not working or the model not fitting the scp.
  7. I appreciate that you are making suggestions for new scps, but most of the scps do not add much or seem annoying for both playing as or fighting against. 230- Im going to assume 230 is scp sided in which case befriending him would result in teaming and awkward situations. 230 does not sound fun to play as since you are relying on your teammates to kill people. 247- Does not really add much, just a fast scp with no real abilities to make it stand out. 250-Literally the same as 247 only slightly different stats 280-Really the only suggestion I like. Teleporters in breach are pretty shit due to the fact that they are slow and easy to see coming. 689 has its moments but 1471 is bad and is likely to be removed anyways. I like this scp since it is an actual fast teleporter while still having some drawbacks. I like the unique use for the flashlight besides just being a light source. 280 would have to be stunned for 1 second in order to not kill someone immediately tho. The flashlight should only stun 280 temporarily for like half as long as 999's stun and there should be an amount of time that 280 can not be stunned. Overall unique idea but leaves a lot of questions on terms of balance. You didn't give a model but I would suggest the wallrider from outlast coloured black(similar to that of the old 334 with a fire texture). Lastly, provide models and use some more periods instead of extending sentences with commas. Also try to be more specific and clear (ex: not providing how long 280 should be stunned for).
  8. 372 ability is already able to cling/climb on walls, its not just bouncing.
  9. How about 372's jumping ability for the pet. Would probably need to be balanced accordingly.
  10. I like the ideas but your grammer could use some improvement. Try to avoid comma splices and just generally cluttering up the words. Also it would be easier for the admins if you could link some models.
  11. We already have t-posing d class and researcher skins. I dont think that people will lose sleep if 096 t pose is removed.
  12. I also feel that 682 should get a sound addition for his rage state with a small buff to go with it. Perhaps a buff to its health regen being 100 hp per human.
  13. I agree with this since the t pose is lame and the rage state should not be silent. The only thing however is that adding sound to 096 would count as a nerf since the sound could alert enemies of 096's location. 096 would need some sort of buff to make up for this.
  14. Although I would prefer a rework to make him more interesting, 457 could be a good choice for this buff as well.
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