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  1. I have not played breach in a while simply because of the amount of issues showing up, espiecially the SCP DR. It makes me happy that the community can identify these issues despite how glaring they are. If i were to add anything, i would give 106 a new ability and nerf 079's near non-existent cooldown on his gas so that 914 and the armory are actually viable. +1
  2. Also doomnack thanks for what you have done for the community. You put so much effort into your suggestions and you will be missed.
  3. I would say delete it because it does not have much going for it. Even if you were to add some guns/keycards, it does not fix how small the map is at times. Im sure someone has that one unpopular opinion in which they like it, but it just is not worth the time trying to fix it in my opinion. I would say area 96 should be removed or adjusted as well due to its terrible hcz but that is just me. Overall +1
  4. I agree with this, i would say that the strange duck, 420, 513 and skull should hurt you while 178, 1499, and 148 help you. 714 can be a mix of good and bad. Also could anyone tell me where you can find the telekill alloy?
  5. Well most of the items are in lcz and are relatively convenient to pick up. Depending on your spawn, it may be worth just picking up one or two instead of collecting them all since a small amount of items collected still contribute extra points to the Foundation team. Serpents hand and ci are uncommon as it is and while i do find that it is odd that they have the option to escape, it is not a big deal. If anything were to be removed, i would say the serpents hand are a little questionable as to why they have the ability. 079 is coming back however which will make Serpants Hand more common so we will have to see until then if the item ability should stay.
  6. The items flesh out the researchers and ci/serpents hand get to take them so that their team is not left out of this feature. Researchers in particular are a braindead class that can rush to ez, so giving the researchers a reason to get their hands dirty, even if it is just for one of the 8 items is quite a refreshing change. Xy also stated that the items may get special abilities. Personally, I see no reason why they should be removed.
  7. Well 2521 was never removed to my knowledge, hes just on maps that people do not play. Personally 2521 was a little bland as his ability to grab people was both annoying and uninteresting. I feel that fleshing out his designation seeking abilities would warrant a return but even then i feel there are more interesting scps that could fill that limited space on maps. So.. +1 to buffing current 2521 -1 to bringing him to other maps
  8. Cool idea, i would definately take a corrosive ability over an op and frankly stupid ability to walk through walls anyday. Also i forgot to ask, how come 173 blinds scps? Is it a coding issue or is it for a certain reason, because it just sounds like a small but still present annoyance to his teammates in my opinion.
  9. Im all for making the scps more interesting and balanced. My favorites are 049,457 and 939. I personally think 106 is in the same boat as 966 and should have his health reduced but get a new ability. Overall fingers-crossed for at least some elements of this suggestion and Doomnack's sound suggestion to be implemented. +1
  10. I definitely agree that while the breach scps are unique, they lack some polish. 106 and 682 would be amazing with these changes, and i have been waiting so long for an 096 animation/sound that i will take the zombie animation at this point. This would give the scps more personality and make them stand out more which is great since most of these changes are not that hard to implement (imo could be wrong). Overall +1
  11. This seems super unnecessary and would do more harm than good. 10-15 seconds is more than enough for anyone to run away and leave SCP-049-2 in the dust. Also what is 049 supposed to do, leave them there or stay there and waste time?
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