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  1. I can see that but the smg tweek made a lot of the rifles useless. The smgs did just as much or more damage than the rifles and adding on the rifles other issues(the movement speed penalty and the lower clip size), it made the smgs the go to weapons.
  2. Also good ideas Haxray, along with the maps, the weapons have had the most glaring issues in breach imo. SMGS with the csgo update were beyond broken and the damage should definitely be toned down.
  3. 173 needs this the most. He should take no knock back.
  4. Like these maps for the most part. 65 is my choice because it looks like a very unique and fun map to add. There is also a breach version that was made that connects hcz to ez. On the other hand, 32 is way too long and has way too wide hallways. Not to mention it has very slow and long elevators. Would recommend not adding 32 to breach.
  5. Really cool suggestion. Very good that you have provided the swep. What would be this scp's announcement sound for spawning in ntf spots?
  6. Intriguing ideas, but i have some questions. 250-Interesting idea with the crosshair, very unconventional but I like it. I also like its ability, pretty much being a 096 that can control its rage states. How does the crosshair speed buff mix with the ability speed buff tho, do they combine or does one out do the other? 273-Seems cool and we could use some more fire elements besides 457 and the fire eaters. I've noticed that you have been making a lot of mtf aligned scps and I am wondering if you are going to be suggesting some stuff for the d class. 216-Very interesting idea, however the chair kind of works like it already. Not that the chair makes the idea irrelevant, just that picking spawns for the chair and 216 might run into trouble. My idea of it is having it be like a bank where humans can put a limited amount of items in for other people(ex:If you have a 500 and dont need a medkit, it can be donated). 216 would have a little menu for you to take items out. For this, I would recommend it change places like you said. This would make it cool since depositing something in as a d class has a risk since mtf could take some of the items, or vice versa. Some of this kinda warps a little bit of the original scp but hey breach is already very lore unfriendly. Regardless, very cool idea. 230-Still not really a fan of this but since we have 607, it is not a completely foreign idea.
  7. I have mixed opinions about these scps, some i like, others are meh. 137-The SCP's transformations should be fixed not randomized. This would make it more of a strategic ability. Randomly transforming into the form that has low health in the wrong time would be annoying. Also this is my personal bias, (and probably many others in the community) but no FNAF please. Its fine if its like a model for Halloween but,...... just no. 191-Weapons seem interesting but the hand's swing speed might need to be slower if its 50 damage. 198-Calculator should be like the radio to not be obtrusive. In other words it should be in the corner of the screen, not take the screen up and get you killed. 105-I like the idea but i could use some more explanation on how the picture damage between 15-100 works. Is it random or is it how centered the opponent is?
  8. Interesting new format and ideas. 082- Second idea is much better than the first for multiple reasons. 1-Corpses are too laggy to work. Multiple attempts to incorporate it with 049 have failed. 2-First idea is the same thing as old 082 which wasn't interesting. 3-The SCP getting faster as it gets weaker is interesting as it works like 334 in reverse. 040-Good idea, would not change a thing 004-Not really a fan of this, too luck based and has too much of a chance to kill you. 027-Decent idea but a little too weak. Joke SCP or not, having a role that you die with early on is not fun. 027 should have stronger abilities if its health is to be that low.
  9. Good suggestion but 607 spawn if i remember correctly already has 610 and 966. 173's spawn would be unfair for the d class considering how fast 3199 is. I believe that 3199 should be a spawn replacement for 076-2, meaning it would take his place in the 513 room.
  10. ..................... First of all, if you have a research article length comment that has nothing to do with Miguels suggestion, make your own suggestion. Second of all, reading it gave me a headache but some of the stuff you were talking about would not work for breach. Third of all... just stop
  11. 512 would work better for 346. Does 397 have ables sword, a spear or both?
  12. You have some interesting ideas but some details are unclear or missing. 317- Decent idea but how long would 317's special ability last? If its a move that barges in to people does it go into a straight line? What swep can be used? 346- Do you have a different swep in mind other than the one 160 had? Otherwise it would be pretty hard to improve on 160's trashy flying ability. Playable 354- You mentioned some creatures but didnt mention what they would do. 354 is a big scp so it it probably needs its own suggestion. 363- Bullet resistance is a pain in the ass to begin with and having a ability to be even more resistant would be aggravating. 397- What weapon would be throwable? Also the original 035 teamed with both scps and d class. If i remember correctly, 035 was moved over to d class team because being allied with scps and d class made it tempting for the two teams to join sides. I would either not have 397 be friendly with d class or have it d class aligned.
  13. Well its up to the admins and considering that scps are getting flashlights in the future, I am wondering if it might make 280 complicated. There could be a solution perhaps, we will have to wait and see.
  14. Sounds good. I like your 280 suggestion on paper, it just needs some improvement to be balanced. I kind of see what you mean with 247 and 250 but they kinda take up space on maps that other more interesting scps like 280 could fill. I still advise making sure that your suggestion has a model before you suggest it, since it could result in the suggestion not working or the model not fitting the scp.
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