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  1. I checked it out on YouTube and it looked really nice, Slayerdragon/Noctali have always been really good with brushwork though
  2. Nowhere near done detail wise but wanted to get the layout completed for by far the hardest thing to make for the map
  3. Post any sort of old videos/screenshots
  4. So... I started on this one like 2 years ago, since I took a huge break from CS awhile ago I'd say about a bit over a month of work has gone into it, have like 60% of the main structures laid out, I'll probably work on it a few hours a day here and there but it is something I want to finish eventually. For anyone interested i'll probably just post updates in this thread every now and then, I don't want to say too much about the map but it is dark souls based. Also, anyone interested in helping with bosses and stuff i'll reach out in the future, I am not amazing with entity work so any help on that end would be appreciated. Here are some pictures of what I have so far.
  5. That's actually a funny coincidence haha, yeah I miss mapping it was always super relaxing, might go back to a map I paused making for a few hours every other day and see where it goes
  6. speaking of harry potter, someone is actually porting it from css, dunno how it's gonna work though since it's such a big file size
  7. Not sure how many people still play that I know/knew, but it's been a while. I wanted to give CS:GO ZE some time to grow before I tried it again, and since it's been over 2 years I figured I'd come back and give it a try again. If there's anyone still here that I know reply here so I can add you back on steam 😄
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