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  1. breach time

    @BOOMER breach time
  2. -rep super rude

    1. flyingjoe32
    2. yoshiw2


      +rep promised to take my mom out for dinner tomorrow

  3. breach time

    @Cpt.Haxray breach time breach let’s go
  4. ....g-goodby...

    breach time
  5. get new managers ones that actually care about breach and won't push through awful updates and won't abuse their power to ban everyone that does not agree with them
  6. Breach is no longer on the server listings, Nobody can connect without using console commands I'd tell the managers in the discord but unfortunately Haxray misuses ban privileges @Xy @Duc2000 @Cpt.Haxray
  7. Gary x Haxray with doomnack cameo when
  8. @White Diamond staged a mass rdm in protest of what the new managers had added to breach(he’s since apologized) @Felix whiston just existed and breathed air, that was a bannable offense
  9. is this where i sign the petition to bring back @Doomnack
  10. +rep doomnack gave me a book once and now I’m not retarded anymore
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