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  1. now that we have played both for awhile in the server gxp is right the old atix panic is harder but thats not necessarily a good thing especially on a causal map like atix. And in my opinion we have missing out on a lot of the fun of new atix with all the secrets, prop blocks and holds that aren't in old atix. not to mention that new atix looks better. i don't think we really gain much by having the old version over the new version. GXP with his original vote brought up the server back in 2016 but times have changed and nobody is really tryharding atix anymore, so let's being back new atix with all the joy the new map can give. #bringbacknewatix
  2. to bounce off this idea, in conjunction to have it said in chat, also put it in the tab menu like when you see time left it would also show extends left .
  3. Im looking back though that map tracking now and it is played a lot but it definitely isn't spamed that much looking at the map tracker. i think the case might be that whenever you have been on you have been unlucky (or lucky) enough to see it played a lot. and i definitely don't see the kind of map spam that would warrant a longer cd imo.
  4. Bhop Script Appeal

    Flagged: 0 Perf: 80.0% Avg: 1.2 / 257.5 Vilk<2881><STEAM_1:0:552652317><> Map: ze_LOTR_Helms_Deep_v5_p6 || Last: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I know you have already Reread the rules but pleading ignorance is not valid reason as to be unbanned. as the evidence is pretty cut and dry you were hacking on the server. However you did come to me and talk to me about the ban so i will be lowering the ban to a day, and remember to reread the rules that i posted above because hacking is not tolerated on the server.
  5. What LVL are we on? Map(s): ze_random, mojos , Platformer, Rev, DeadCore, Diddle(not EX) Restrictions/Limitations: none Others: point of this event is to be pretty random as the player will have no idea what part of the map they will get to or what the lvl will even be. Rev unbeaten. So in the case of deadcore and diddle the next lvl will be a mystery until the final lvl. maps can be added and removed to best suit the events theme of being a casual event with a few hard maps but not unbeatable.
  6. STEAM_0:1:55186998
  7. FOUND IT I THINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75j8tprxCFw Pretty sure thats it
  8. STEAM_0:1:55186998 WON : 4/6 • ze_rtv_one_more • ze_rollermine_factory_2010_p • ze_rainbow_factory_v2 • ze_forgotten_facility_p3
  9. Your job as a zombie is to knife humans. not to try and False lead by trying to impersonate the console.
  10. False leading is against the rules and most people use VC so they will get muted. you didnt change it when asked and kicke, again i asked you to change your name. thats why you were banned my dude.
  11. yeah i asked you to change your name as you were trying to impersonate console. you never changed your name so i then kicked you so you can change your name, still didnt change it so that why i banned you for 10 mins. Don't try to impersonate console as it was confusing for all the players, and its basically the same as false leading. thats why you were banned.
  12. I really like these ideas i Think the admin vote extend being lowered to 67%(what donchill said) is a good idea i also think leader being extended for multiple rounds is good if possible to do. i would disagree with the getting rid of the mute during vote even when an admin is offline because it would just be a source of mic spam like it is on any other servers with no mutes during vote. anyways good post
  13. OKAY. I read it all the way through, and overall I thought it was helpful, however incredibly verbose. There are some topics that don't make a lot of sense, and I don't blame you English is probably not your first language. This is more akin to a self-help book, then a leaders guideline. @qazlll456 you got to remember that leaders aren't psychologists, all we can do is impart our knowledge to the player base. overall I would say if nothing else, skim it.
  14. all maps are not created equally
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