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  1. never mind yea i hacked i just wanna get this over with its boring im not getting unbanned so cya never
  2. welp another excuse for a good admin its rlly sad i cant record becuse i would make you fell so dumb
  3. well its sad you can see i ment to shoot in the plants so you know its just sad to see brain dead admins
  4. Name: lilmilkman Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198317655236/ Admin who banned you: bamboozled What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban):perma ban Why do you want to be unbanned?: i think its about time i say something and i really dont care at this point. This is the end yes and i have had enough i just think that at this point i would rather get stabed then get perma banned i mean hey i would love a 1 month ban then after that i could play but no i get falsely banned welp this is shit i got up and tried to get on what do i see a dumb ass sigh of youre banned i could not express what went through my mind but idc at this point all the false bans and mutes and gages and all of this is bull shit i was going to apply for admins soon when im older but you know what happens ???? i get banned and im not getting unbanned becuause this dumb ass server has admins that cant tell and yea i give up i didnt wall hack ok you happy oh thats not what you want ok i can say yea i did wall hack are u happy admins are you tell me please do i just want every admin to laugh and be right tell the people on gfl that most of them were good no some were good shiki i hated when he got banned and he was the ONLY ONE the ONLY one to help and defend me but now i hate this server i have just moved on i was going to buy vip on the day i checked and it said youre banned but you know what at this point i dont care the whole server hated me i hated them i was bullied so much but no thats my fault alos why the hell would i go and wall hack after i allready got banned i care for this server not anymore these admins should be able to tell but yea i was hacking are you happy you got me to say it i was so hacking i had the best wall hack bro you know and i hope that some of those players have a good time in that hole but nooo i see what it really is all the banned people do thye see it as a huge pile of shit and it weighs 100 pounds in a 5 pound bag its about to pop ut then ppl will see gfls true colors they will also see mine i have kept this is so long but now its time for me to get out i was a 20 pound shit bag in a 3 pound shit bag and i see now that this dosent mmater and a list of ppl i hated and people that were mean and very very gay to me yup you guessed it every one but these ppl @Chef. yup 1 person the one good admin and person chef the one who greeted me the on who helped me also vin did but you know when im rightingg this i have tears and oh im so soft well im sorry that i wasted like 600 hours on this you know i should have lett go but i cant i need to get unbanned and i just think that if you want to be a dick to me then you can do i care no because you people arent hurt and its dumb i just think that some people dont deserve this like vin hes just like me but not as bad every one fucks with himm just gag or mute them its admin dis so if you dont have the balls to be a admin then dont be but ohhhh i have more i hate 1 person sooooo much just 1 person anyone know who a person called most admins they made it bad thats why this server is dying thats why its nazi but you kbow admins are not allways on so constent mfkes or somethin like that but i give up on life why do i even type this i sould just forget about it ? no because admins are mostly shit but hey they know rules and have depper voices then kids so there better you ever think about me being admin one time a long long time ago i was 9 and i knew rules better than admins but you know what the toxicity turned me into this this 20 pound shit bag but hey this is the end so hope this gets to youtr brains people there good bye Why shoubuy hye duce or undo the mute/ban?:
  5. when he said milk ur blind i thought he was in bushes so i shot at it
  6. thx ok yea that looks scary i fkin tried to flick XD
  7. Name: lilmilkman Steam ID: 76561198317655236 Admin who banned you:Bamboozled What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): A perma ban Why do you want to be unbanned?: Ok 1 thing is i would like to see the clip i know it lookes bad but i guessed and i know im proly not gonna get unbanned but at this point we need a better community and yes i know it was sus but im just randomly shooting and i get accused so you know im just saying if i get perma banned for guessing then idk how this server will live and one last thing the main part is i played every day but im happy im perma banned because now i dont have to deal with a million people scream at me and call me the n word now i dont have to be bullied but at this point getting permed yea im also sad and i sometimes think that i would do every thing for this server i was coming up on my one year mark in 2 months then i gat false permed becease i know how to fucking guess now thats just bullshit but what can i do nothing and why because an admin banned me yes me out of all people i get false banned because i know how to guess but this is the end for me and for every thing i give op on this entire gaming community but at this point i dont know because people are happy im permed you know every one and when i say every on i mean it they all hated me talked about me behind my back but hey this is a game not real life so should it mater no does it to me yes and if i stay banned then thats it i cant play but im not going to forget the good or bad times but i have just decided that i will leave and not come back because i know i wont get unbanned and i cant tell why i get banned but this is the end im guessing. Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: every thing in why do you want to be unbanned. all admins are good just not when they false ban so yea and i have no proof so cya guys on a differnt server. Ok i have seen the clip now i know it looks sus and i was shooting in the plants but ok
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