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  1. for anyone following this post, this is where I will continually keep updating this series. Here is part 2 !!!!
  2. what it do everybody! its your favorite boyfriend NISSA!!!! I have a new series that I have on my channel that features your channel, so please enjoy and tell me what you think. Casue I care so much what all my lovely boyfriends think of my craft, kissings and blessings
  3. hey everyone, I hope yall had a great holiday, as you can see I have part two video too "are u my dad?" Please enjoy !!!
  4. my guy go to a party or something, dont game on new years. Actually go out, trust me you'll thank me later!!
  5. Hope this video makes yall laugh, cuz I do love smiles. Lets get this to 10 Likes and I'll release part 2!!!
  6. Hey guys, Its your favourtie guy Nissa. Back with another video!!!! Please enjoy!!!!
  7. Hey, as some of you may know me I'm NissaDaBinks and Im looking for ppl to join me in my videos as cast members. All you need is a big personality and a fun atmosphere. In order for us to capture our fun on the zombie escape server. I would like to be in a discord server preferably glf zombie escape and we can talk there and have some fun. You can message me here and we can game it up. I no longer want to disturb ppl on the server with my big personality as some ppl find it annoying, while it is ok. I still want to make videos on this server. So if anyone wants to join me in a discord server so we can have fun there. That would be awesome and I'll feature you in my upcoming videos!!!!
  8. Hey, guys I am back and better than before with longer videos and better content. More funny and lost more FUN!!!!
  9. hahahaha, i was just asking simply because I want to know if that is their idea of fun. But i am not hatting on them
  10. Listen, I really like this server and I have no problem trying to promote it, I personally dont enjoy the tryhard aspect of the server. However, I am aware that there are ppl that want to play the game that. But so I was wondering what time or day do you guys usually play like tryhards. So, I can get footage showing how fun the server is. Nothing is wrong with tryharding its just doesn't fit the image I have for my videos, they are not serious.
  11. What good ya'll I understand a lot of you have been wondering where the fuck, I've been cuz yall love me so much. but guess what we back and with a vengeance. I will try to put out a new video every week featuring your server with steam- gamers so we can show the world how lit this game really is! Enjoy the video down below!
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