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  1. Not once did I say refund your rank, I ASKED if I could purchase a rank out of genuine curiosity. What is your proof of me disrespecting you? Here is the definition of a diagnosis. Yes you are implying that being gay is a illness. You are a hypocrite and have no punishment for your actions for as you said "assuming" something was disrespectful or meant in a different way. di·ag·no·sis /ˌdīəɡˈnōsəs/ noun noun: diagnosis; plural noun: diagnoses 1. the identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms. "early diagnosis and treatment are essential"
  2. If he can use gay as "not an insult" players should be able to as well.
  3. Seconds after posting this Toxic said this in chat. "One Big Boi | GFL Trial Admin | Toxic: do !rtv in chat if you want to have your big gay diagnosis removed" This is a clearly biased gag.
  4. Ungag

    Name: 123 Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:120986638 Gag Reason: Disrespect, something else Gag By: One Big Boi | GFL Trial Admin | Toxic: I have proof, please, please, I beg you dad, report me if I made a mistake Ban Time: IDK around 8:25 Why should you be ungagged? "One Big Boi | GFL Trial Admin | Toxic: You saying I payed for my rank, calling people gay for their map opinion, calling other players out for their age, and more" Note I wasn't the one that said he paid for his rank, I asked if I could pay for one as well. I never called someone gay, I said "that's gay" in response to someone who took no offense to me saying that as it wasn't used in a derogatory way. This "calling players our for their age" is interesting as I asked if anyone was under the age of 13 because steam has a policy were you are to be 13 and older, I said if you're under 13 you must be banned. It was obviously a joke and I had multiple players join in along with me as again they took no offense.(15-20 prior to my gag) Considering any of this disrespectful is outlandish and insane, leaving rules up for interpretation based on feeling or admin discretion creates room for large discrimination when someone doesn't have the mental capacity to handle "power" or is not developed enough to understand so.
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