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  1. I voted for @transperoman for their use of motion blur and conservative view of wildlife. I appreciate the effort it takes to take a beautiful picture like this as well as the hope that it brings me that we as a society can appreciate these majestic creatures together through the power of the internet. Well done. Brought me to tears.
  2. Ohh shit my boi is 18 now whats up my guy?

  3. alright I guess that'll do, a month for that, thanks @rapperdan this can be closed
  4. @rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan@rapperdan
  5. Made a really ugly, logo since the season starts soon but if anyone has something that would be sick.
  6. I like the look of 3, maybe with some water being splashed up around it and stuff.
  7. In need of a logo for an ESEA team and it would be very appreciated if you guys could hook me up. Size/Website: for ESEA, Steam. Render, Image, or Theme: Text: the letter A Color Scheme/Style: slick black background with a fancy A infront of it in a nice font. the team is themed around water so i was thinking having it based on the style of the glock water elementalAdditional Information: Sorry if I didn't explain this very well, thank you though. Anything is appreciated.
  8. MisterCodfish
  9. My boi is back what is up.

  10. Parts should be here in a week! Then I'm off to the races, well I'm actually going to take my time building it because this is my first PC build and I don't wanna screw up
  11. I've been away for quite some time considering my current computer is really stoopid and old. Well, last week I ordered everything I need to get back into action and gaming with all of you guys. I'm excpecting to have my PC built before the 4th of July. See ya soon!
  12. I am but that will not be until later in August, so I have a lot of time in between. Plus my college schedule is very friendly, no classes on Fridays and relatively short days for the rest of the week.
  13. Life Update - Been a while since I resigned from all positions. Now I'm about to graduate from high school in a few days, after that I will be building my PC and coming back to redefine my legacy. (being bad at CS:GO) I'll stay in touch and see ya'll soon <3
  14. What are the qualifications to helping out with the Twitter or Facebook, I take a lot of notes from Wendy's if that helps.