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  1. You scared me with the notif o_O
  2. -1 I watched the demo, terrible movement and bad crosshair placement. Also you seemed to know where everyone was.
  3. Minecraft = Cube

  4. Need help, have demo recording of STEAM_1:1:509029582 hacking, how can i put it on forums

    1. Pedro


      You can upload it to somewhere such as www.mediafire.com and do it that way, or straight to sourcebans

    2. Omid


      Yeah upload it to mediafire.com and add the direct link to the download as a comment to your ban. 

  5. i cant join 1v1 arena  ;c

  6. Length: Same size as Guary's lol Topic: On the GFL Clan forums, I want the picture after i make a comment etc. Materials Needed: Idk, Paint.net or adobe photoshop lol Additional Information: Make it look like @JGuary551 's Car one, And make it say Debra (In the middle of the page ) and the background as cookies ❤️ Thanks in advance Deadline*: 3 days
  7. omg these are the shit, i totally forgot about these
  8. You don't need to eat breakfast to eat cereal? lol
  9. My favorite cereal has to be Cap'n Crunch or Fruity Pebbles
  10. I saw you playing ark, you think its fun?
  11. I just reunited with DuSk_Neohunter72, goods times 

  12. I have decent amount BROODY10 - Used to play with him everyday he’s a really cool dude disappeared ~ 2 weeks ago Palmys - I’d wake up at 4 am every day to play with him ( he is from Sweden ) and he was such a good friend haven’t talked to for weeks DuSk_NEOhunter72 - He was a really cool dude, I haven’t talked to him for 8 months he’s from England btw Theo - I really miss him, he was a father and an owner of a Unturned server I played a lot. I eventually got admin on his server and one day the server was gone ~2017. It broke my heart Mozzzyy - He was a twitch streamer that helped me get through school everyday, one day he decided stream was rough and it was hard for him he hasn’t streamed since. InfiniteBAM - He’s really good at lots of games COD, Battle Royales he is the person to get me my first ever fortnite win ( I had 1,000 matches with 0 wins lol ) this meant a lot to me, he made a stream I became mod for his stream, he just stopped streaming. I can’t think of anymore there was this one kid I had added on Xbox we played Minecraft almost everyday for like a year, I loaded up the world recently and cried my eyes out ( years of joy ) So many memories trapped in a block game.
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