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  1. Guide to Site 19

    No researchers spawn in EZ
  2. Basically, I want Xy to start sorting through suggestions. From what little interaction I have had with you, it seems you are really positive about accepting suggestions for Breach. I wouldn't 100% know. One thing that I feel would really help the server and aid implementations is communication with you. I understand that you may be busy, but just more communication would really be helpful. One idea would be to tell us your idea for implementing an SCP, so the community on the forums can give feedback. But I'll move on as this post is about suggestions. Over the years, suggestions have piled up. My suggestion for you: Every day you look at 5 suggestions and deny any that are undesirable with a listed reason. You do not have to accept any suggestions. You do not have to deny any suggestions if you think it has potential. Just review 5 a day. It would help the community get a better understanding of what you think, and it would clear the suggestion list a bit. Better communication is very important and I think this would be a step in the right direction.
  3. Also nerf 323's range Another problem with 378 (besides the low skill cap) is that he can actually phase into humans for some reason. You can get stuck inside him while he sucks up your identity like a vacuum. It is really annoying and really bullshit
  4. Do you know what a fucking radio is
  5. This madlad is posting suggestions in the normal Breach forum
  6. SCP-350

    Some of the tasks would be nearly impossible, but I like the idea
  7. What if the chosen SCP is the cat?
  8. The old guns rewarded accuracy while these guns reward the element of surprise. The new guns still require accuracy, but are more punishing for usually unfair reasons. With the old guns, it always seemed like a fair fight.
  9. So the new update came out! I recently went back on for a short bit and I got to play as SCP-160 due to my unnatural luck. Currently, SCP-160 is unviable and not fun to play as. 1. The flying controls are terrible. It is velocity based, so you will be constantly bumping into walls and ceilings. You are too slow to catch up to humans. It depends on where you are looking. 2. The entire out-of-the-map system is glitchy. Basically, you can't spectate SCP-160 because its real body is out of the map at the surface. This is really annoying for 160 as when you are in the facility, you can't really hear anything like, gunshots, voices, ambiance, etc. Also because of this, the map's loading zones get bugged. This makes it so you can't see through doorways ahead of you when in the facility. 3. The damage system. 160 deals damage by flying into people. I had to discover this as the intro message just said I acted like a predatory bird. It does around 30-35 per hit. But each hit you bounce backward and basically lose all speed. Model: Camera Drone from hl2 Health with around 12-14~ people on: near 2000 About SCP-020, I'm not sure. Didn't see a lot. SCP-348 (the soup) was also changed. I have no idea what was changes as Xy didn't list what he changed. Xy please list what the actual changes are, and what new SCPs do and how they work. From my experience, it is either bugged or I have no idea how it works now. The soup floats now and I tried to eat it as a human while healthy and injured, yet nothing happened. No idea. SCP-268 is a hat that can make you invisible for a period of time. People can switch to other weapons during this and can shoot. There are no floating guns or anything. Also I have heard medkits are bugged?? Not sure, didn't really look into it
  10. I am disagreeing that those rounds should be kept
  11. ??? What is wrong with TDM? TDM is super fun and people can actually strategize. I am also amazed you enjoy Hide and Seek plus 106's Funhouse
  12. I do not like 106's Funhouse, O5 Retrieval, Hide and Seek, SPC Breach, and Trouble in SCP Town
  13. Scp-682 Buff

    Is it possible to make it so his SWEP forces doors open when he clicks on them? I think a roleplay server had it so that the SWEP acted like the battering ram SWEP, so it forced doors to open.
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