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  1. SCP-217

    Not super interesting Doesn't that go against the rules? Even if not specifically, it encourages rule bending/breaking
  2. I forgot to mention scenarios like that, you are right. Sometimes you just get destroyed and that is the cold hard truth. Nothing you can do about a charging 682 around the corner or 2-3 campers. My best suggestion for the campers would be either a smoke or a flash grenade, healing items, maybe run in there with a cola. Not sure. Best scenario would be a group of D Class friends to help OR a researcher pal to run out first and act as a shield (hopefully they don't try to hard to shoot past him). Sometimes you just get dealt a bad hand. At times like these, reflect on just enjoying the game as it was. Sometimes you don't need to escape. It is all about having fun.
  3. This may be a shitpost, I don't think you have to go that far. I don't really agree with people's perspective on playing D-Class. It is the class with the most options. You face the biggest challenge. It really can be fun. While you could murder everyone on site, (and on sight) teaming is also an option. I'm not a Neutral Killer despite Nicole's attempts at slanderous propaganda. Exploration is a big part of finding weapons and equipment to fight hostile classes. Strategically, map placement is very important (and I don't mean hiding in bathrooms). Rushing can also be a bad idea early game. Sometimes it is better to hang back and relax. Anyway, maybe these tips can actually help some people. Not really sure. My essay will be on
  4. Scp-027

    What would the model be? The burnt man from HL?
  5. Breach Trello

    Question: Are you using my suggestion for Class Es or are you going to do something completely different with Class Es?
  6. I swear I will clear my name One way or another
  7. New achievement

    They mean the only person in Ghost DM. Also that achievement sounds great. Nuclear - Get 25 kills without dying
  8. He is arguing that it would give a tradeoff. The player using it would have their screen affected, shooting affected, etc. In return, a smoke cloud that blocks vision would be produced.
  9. 207 can also be drank multiple times for insta-health. It is useful for juking and dodging bullets while about to escape. OR You can also use 207 unseriously. Grab it early as D-Class, rush the TRO, try to crowbar them. Or grab it early and use it to kill a friend you are fighting against.
  10. As a staff member I feel inclined to just dump some suggestions for dclass here. I tried to keep the theme of orange. This and this are two orange robots that could work. Don't know how tall they are. This and this are two cartoonish ones that could be added if colored orange. The TV guy might not be orange enough. Both also might be too weird (But we already have Mr. Meeseeks sooooooo). Cursed playermodel
  11. I agree with Haxray's points. We also already have a smoke grenade
  12. I also think we should stop replying to this topic so it dies again.
  13. Ah yes, the classic perma-gagged and perma-muted moderator
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