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  1. Vin, the reason why admin exists on the server and banning racism words is to create and maintain the server as a safe space for people to play on, not for you to be toxic and ban people according to your will "by rules," if you don't realize this and your cancerous behaviors you are a bad admin, hands down. : )


    This should be a damn poem taught in schools until the end of time. It almost made me cry happy tears.

    1. Vin


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



  2. This conversation saddens me How do I join this cult
  3. Favorite Band Chamomile by Atlas With arms wide open by Creed Zombies by The Cranberries
  4. Not an admin for bhop but a lot of players play on VPNs to circumvent a ban. That's why you generally want to avoid using a VPN while playing games anyways, since its a public VPN who knows what they could have done while playing on that IP.
  5. So this is kinda dumb, but I feel as though I have to do this cause 90% of the people that go onto CT have no idea what they're doing. T Freedays A freeday is a day where the T was freekilled or unfairly killed in some way, wether it be a game bugging out or some other reason. They will be glowed green at the start of every round/when they were glowed. Sometimes, like if a warden does !glowhalf and glows all the T's a new color, that T still has a freeday. This will be indicated by the circle above their head that is green. IF you do not see this, the person is either unglowed, or you need to turn on Jailbreak Icons. To turn these on, do !settings. As a "glowed" T, they are allowed to do anything they want, aside from: Teamkilling via button press/T game Rebelling interfering with warden/CTs (E.i Standing and strafing directly in-front of warden preventing him from placing markers/seeing, use some common sense, you know what you're doing.) T's are however, allowed to: Roam freely until unglowed Ignore warden orders until unglowed Play any and all games, including games currently being played by T's Play around with CTs (more below.) This is a very simple concept to understand, and it is super easy to figure out. CT interaction Typically CTs are typically capable of understanding the rules. But, there are a small set of people who don't sadly. So let me explain. Lets start here. Rebelling. If a T is glowed, and he knifes a ct when the CT is NOT baiting, that is Rebelling. Here are a few example scenarios: A T on a freeday runs toward/chases a ct with no reason and kills the CT. This is rebelling. A T on a freeday is running around aimlessly and accidentally knifes a CT. This is not rebelling. A T on a freeday playing around with a CT stabs the CT, taking his gun on purpose. This is rebelling. A T on a freeday starts breaking a T secret/does a T secret. This is rebelling. A good way to tell if a glowed T is rebelling is to see if he is shooting at you. If he's shooting at you, typically that means he's rebelling. You should shoot him. Basically just use common sense. Got it? Good. Next part. DO. NOT. BE. NAZI. This is something that happens a lot. When a T is glowed, all they want to do typically is just have some fun from the usual hell that is playing as a T. Don't gun down a T that has to run through a CT to get to wherever he needs to go. If he doesn't hurt anyone, what harm is he doing? All he wants to do is just go and do his shit. A CT recently did this, and then decided it would be great to pull direct quotes from the rules. They are as follow: From: Prisoner rules. 2. All prisoners not obeying warden’s orders, in secrets/vents, armory or within knifing distance of a guard are considered rebelling. 5. As a prisoner with a freeday, you are not exempt from being considered a rebel with the exception of obeying warden’s orders. He used this as a justified reason to kill the T. The freeday simply ran through a gaurd just to get to the game he wanted to play. He made no indication of rebelling whatsoever. Please please please don't be like this. All it does is make you look like an idiot and kill someone doing nothing wrong. Basically just use common sense. Got it? Good. Next part. You can play with freedays CT. Believe it or not, people actually enjoy messing around. Have some fun with the freeday, just don't let it interfere with the round, and try not to die. <3 Use big brane, not smol brane.
  6. Milkman. Accept it. You. Got. Caught. Now own up to it. You act like you're the shit... You acted like the shit on the server. Don't act like it here on your appeal. Believe it or not, an appeal cannot take the same shape as your attitude on the server. Lets take a look if you're so damn blind. At around 6:25, you pause, go afk, and from what I can tell toggled on, playing it off as you getting a call. DIRECTLY after this pause this happens Pretty damn good guess for being afk a few seconds prior. Hey, lets also point out the fact that at no point is his body shown to you, and you avoid him as if you were able to, idk, see him through a wall? Then, after the 6:43 mark, this happens Take note that if you watch the video, you track him through the wall. If you did see him, and you did hear him, you must be a god at aiming, which on many occasions you have proven to me that isn't true. Good job. If you need more evidence look on either you or your parents paypal for the most recent purchase of your cheat.
  7. AFK Fweeze

    I love this holy shit its so good
  8. Cropping is a bit wack cause I am an idiot but there you go. I went a bit less aggressive on the angle because my god the leftmost image is just amazing. If you want to do this the fastest way I could think of is just making a square, skewing it, then making it into a clip mask and repeat.
  9. The font is Blanca i'm pretty sure btw. Pretty sick font honestly. Blanca website (downloads a zip file from a mediafire link, its safe from what I can tell, malwarebytes caught nothing)
  10. It was a more generalized statement. If you are going to nit pick every single word i said just kindly fuck off. You harassed me constantly, you want me to do stuff for you but I am already tired of it. If you want me to explain it fully, i'll gladly explain every detail of my appeal to people, with it open, reading off of it. you want me to not make you look like an asshat, then don't act like one. Thanks, Vin. also, close this please. Its practically pointless.
  11. pretty much every reason i put in my almost 3 page response to your appeal tbh
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