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  1. First, calm down lol. Its been like 30 minutes, and its currently midnight CST. alot of people are sleeping. Second, you have provided no Steam ID or ingame name, so it isn't possible to show your ban.
  2. Ban Appeal

    Thank you for your apology, and I do accept it to some degree. However, this doesn't make up for everything and it certainly doesn't justify a unban. I know you can be a chill dude but from me its a no. Also aqqle was unbanned like 3-4 months ago lol. stinki
  3. First of all, you could have put way more effort into this, especially if you want an unban from your week ctban. For those who don't know, a CTban is based on minutes alive in game, so 10080 minutes spent alive. Its a lot. Anyways, personally I do think you've had more than enough time on your ban, and since you don't play much, I'll say that this is a good time for an unban. If you do get unbanned you should be careful not to disconnect infront of the T's like you used to. Also I believe @BamBoozled was the person who enforced the ban. : )
  4. God damn reading these made my heart warm for some reason wtf is wrong with me. C : wait what rules oh fuck please tell me he didn't find the cu- Fr tho I don't play as much cause i've gotten bored lol
  5. Yes because otherwise that would be a problem as the T's would flat out die. It's common sense, which I don't find hard to use. If someone is given an order where they are KOSable, and then the warden gives a direct order to do that thing, it doesn't make sense that the T should follow the order because that is leading someone to their death. If people would use a bit of common sense they could easily realize that the line being talked about is the spruce line of what im guessing is Minecraft Party. If a T is screaming "freeday freeday", then that's just to cause chaos, or, they didn't hear the order. You don't just say it because there was a fucked up order. (Fix that run on btw holy) Again, common sense should be taken into account. Do you think its fair to let a bunch of Ts get stuck inside of solitary on papas kingdom and then LG while they have no possible way of 1: seeing the last ct; and 2: defending against the last ct. If you believe that this is something you should be allowed to do, you're either a massive asshole that only seeks to ruin peoples fun, or are extremely unaware. Like what? I can hardly list off more than what you have stated here other than "Hey maybe not put everyone into noblock while stacked up and turn on ff" or "hey how about we don't be a cancer ct" or "don't cheat in lr" Some of the most basic things are the hardest to understand. I realize half of the players on this server are in their early teens to late teens but like, what the fuck. I remember hearing from someone that they unironically believed that they were allowed to kill people for turning on their flashlights. How hard is it to realize that not everything should be taken literally and that some rules aren't always needed to be written down. Do I really have to have Leks edit the rulebook to say "Don't be a massive dickhead." I don't get why its so hard to just think about your actions. If we really have to have a rule be put into the chat each time someone does an LR because they can't remember is cheating is implied or not then there is a serious problem. I totally understand the implied contradictory orders, and it really shouldn't be that big of a problem. If you are given an order you follow it. If that order contradicts the last order given, you are to assume that the new order overrides the old one. Its really not a hard concept to understand. Its like how you are told to go from AFK freezing to freezing. I don't mean to sound mean, but when someone, especially you, who has well over from what I know, 200 hours on JB, should understand these things. I understand that you voice your concerns based around what other people say ass well, but you shouldn't have to make these posts. You should be able to help out the other people that need the help rather than just saying some bullshit lie and saying "the admin told me so" which you have done on a number of occasions now. We already have 64 rules in the MOTD, and well over 60 different JB terms in the guidebook. No one is willing to go through all of those, hell, it was only when I got admin when I actually spent the time to read the rulebook, because there's so much to learn. If I really have to I will use one of my dwindling keys to add another keybind with a link to a post I can make about implied rules and contradictory orders. I don't speak for everyone, just myself. I'm not mad, i'm just annoyed and disappointed that this has become a problem. Yes, there are some rules that sould be fixed/added to the rulebook, but again, no one reads it to begin with. I know bam didn't, and i'm 90% sure you could ask anyone and they will never have read it. JB isn't an easy gamemode to play, what with its naturally cancer atmosphere, and its complex jail like rule system. But there are times where you have to realize that not all the rules need to be literally interpreted. Sure, on GFL we don't warning shot people, but its not a rule, so it's totally fine if you want to.
  6. Mute

    What ban evaders by the way? I've not seen any for a while. If you want to not get perm muted/silenced, don't break the rules, its really that simple. Don't put your mic to your mouth and yell to get attention. I see a bunch of people viewing this right now and I want to make it clear that punishment won't be carried out if you simply don't break the rules. It also helps if you don't constantly lie about why you did something to break a rule. It really irks me that you are willing to play the victim when you are by far one of the most toxic and "cancerous" people in the server. With over 100 comm bans and 7 actual bans, you have hardly any room to play the victim. Simply don't break a rule. @JGuary551 please close this, a 10 minute mute isn't anything to cry over, and is certainly not worth the time to argue over. The mute is now long since up.
  7. Ct Ban Appeal

    You constantly break rules, and are on the "cancer list" for obvious reasons. You have 7 bans, and 109 comm bans. I can't see how many CTBans you have because those aren't recorded, but you have more than 5. This ban should stand. Its a 2 day CTBan, by time this is closed your ban will be up. So basically don't be a dumbass.
  8. You weren't using a macro, you were using scripts, the other two skids i banned were, 19 and 26 jumps at a time, you have 70-75% perf with 1 jump. @JGuary551 close please. edit: wording
  9. I'm still waiting for my report ❤️
  10. Also, if you have the clip, whihc you obviously do, just trim it and send it to us, like what.
  11. This cant be used for anything, Ts can be deaf as all hell, this could have been cheats, and mfk, or a ct following orders and killing Ts because they aren't following orders.
  12. The person, from my knowledge is Timster. First of all, don't listen to what he says, he loves to say whatever he wants. Second, you cannot just VG someone off of general dislike. You can however, vg someone if they are cancer or are really bad as a CT. HOWEVER with that said, you can't also go and advertise the VG of a ct, and mass VGing someone based on this is not ok. Yes, jb is toxic, but its almost naturally toxic. Its hilarious how when I join ct i get like the same 4 people VG me instantly but no one else lol.
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