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  1. Ban Appeal

    -1 Seeing as you have MFK'd, what, 5 times; I don't think you should be unbanned. You literally would do it for fun just to get a laugh out of it and literally, MFK'd with chef in a call with you. Also, weren't you that one kid who was in that RaccoonEggs video?
  2. racc stop abusing !paint >:(
  3. I'll +1 this, just because you need a second chance. But fuck up some more and I'm not gonna +1 the appeals. you're a completely shit ct and would ruin rounds for your personal enjoyment. You'd better not let me down.
  4. vin totally false ban

    You ran into a stack with a negev on my round as warden btw. The map was peanut.
  5. vin totally false ban

    "I know the rules." >gets banned for repeatedly cheating lr. >gets 300 minute ctban for being cancer, toxic, and baiting
  6. vin totally false ban

    @fortnitebuilder make an appeal and im sure you'll get unbanned.
  7. vin totally false ban

    you said that after you started the lr. You started the lr by dropping your gun. This implies basic rules. you picked up your gun, which typically I allow since accidents do happen. But you gave new rules and tried to kill the ct. Cheating. LR.
  8. vin totally false ban

    HI. Me again, heres what happened You started your guntoss, threw your gun and picked it up without saying anything, then went to the ct, told him cheating and shooting was allowed, and then tried to kill him. See, the thing is, you purposfully threw your gun and picked it back up. technically, since its gun toss, you would have started your lr, with basic rules. You could have said something to me to abort lr, but since you like to attempt to find loopholes on the server you didnt. you cant change your rules in lr, but the exception to this is if something is going wrong, or you need to change something for a ct. This includes saying "Cheating allowed". see here: Whacky.
  9. -rep scammed my p250 sand dune

  10. CS:GO 5v5 Event

    stfu :((((
  11. ban appeal

    Yeah its basically hyperscroll, which isnt allowed. smh.
  12. vin false ban

    Furthermore, lets looks at the "Last Request Rules" 8. If a prisoner states "basic rules" in a last request, he/she must know them and follow them or they are cheating and may be killed. The basic rules can be found below 6. Cheating during last request is not allowed and it is implied. For example: if the prisoner sets up a race, the guard must complete the race in the intended path (Surf/bhop).
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