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  1. It was fun, goodbye everyone!

    This mothafucka @Charmayy. Imma miss yo ass. You are one of the original buddies that I had in purge. You were right purge was utopia but as u may know good things don't last long. Only time will tell if purge ever has a chance to come back.
  2. Happy Birthday!!! Best wishes.....


  3. In Washington D.C for a week Bitchez...

  4. Happy birthday Rick James!!!! Wishin you the mothafuckin best...

  5. Happeh Birthday!!! Best wishes...

  6. Remember the good old days?

    I remember the good old days August 2015 when I got admin. Where the fuck did i get all that patience from??? It was a good time to be admin there would be like 70+ players and you are the only voice of reason with the occasional Brother Man Bill song playing in the background.
  7. Leave of absence part I

    Wishing a speedy recovery.
  8. Highly doubt u will ever see this but Happy Birthday Mothafucka!!! Best wishes...

  9. Happy Birthday Mothafucka!!! Best wishes...

    1. Leks


      Cheers mate!

  10. [New Garry's Mod Server] Clone Wars RP

    Pls. Dont let CWRP die like yall ass did last time. I was pushing for admin on that server. Fuckin Joshawa....
  11. The Main Reason Why I Am Gay

    The fuck is all this math doing in forums?.
  12. [18+] Charmayy x Darkling fanfiction

    I fucking hate you @Charmayy. I was honestly looking forward to some fanfiction reading.
  13. its the second realest nigga on this site damn sorry i took ur spot at first

    1. IAmSuperFineMan


      I dont want you to ever forget. I was here before you. And if anything i made a way for you to become the 1st real nigga after my absence Johaw...

      Edited by IAmSuperFineMan
  14. New Purge Map?

    Ehh. Doubt that'll happen. But if you were to do such a thing. Where the hell is the old darkrp map??? Somebody saved the shit. However that could host a lot more people and you may want a smaller map. Wasn't there a video of it that I believe Kypt or Iron Gator made a long ass time ago to show us??? @ButterKing5000 & @Zebra you should no wtf I'm talking about....