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  1. I fucking hate you.

    1. rapperdan


      nice christmas hat bruh

  2. Happy birthyday my mayngo

    1. IAmSuperSantaMan


      Thank you my furry friend...

  3. For my timezones...

    Happy birthday!

  4. About to be 21 mothafuckas let's get drunk af legally...

    1. flyingjoe32


      could've done that 3 years ago in quebec smh

  5. Bouta be my 4 year anniversary with GFL... I have no life........

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  6. Get tf outta here...

  7. This mothafucka @Charmayy. Imma miss yo ass. You are one of the original buddies that I had in purge. You were right purge was utopia but as u may know good things don't last long. Only time will tell if purge ever has a chance to come back.
  8. Happy Birthday!!! Best wishes.....


  9. In Washington D.C for a week Bitchez...

  10. Happy birthday Rick James!!!! Wishin you the mothafuckin best...

  11. Happeh Birthday!!! Best wishes...

  12. Highly doubt u will ever see this but Happy Birthday Mothafucka!!! Best wishes...