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  1. Ban Appeal

    All I want is you guys can unban my account, and I still gonna try to find a way to solve the blocking issue with my ISP.
  2. Ban Appeal

    i already send email ask Roy about this question last year september , but he never answer it.
  3. Ban Appeal

    @reduct i dont want to use VPN to connect to server, but my ISP blocked your server, and when i ask them to check it and unblock your server, they told me they cant and they will not do this. So, tell me what should i do, if i dont use my VPN to find the server
  4. Ban Appeal

    Name: POW Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:484831227 Admin who banned you: Console Reason: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate Account What Kind Of Punishment: 322560 min Why do you want to be unbanned? : Since the server location or the server net provider has benn changed, i cant find the server from the CSGO community servers , so i have to use my VPN to change my IP address to join the server. Today i try to join the server, the console ban me from the server, and told me the reason is duplicate account. So i want to get unbanned.
  5. and on the discord, map tracking still working, on the website, it says ppl play on the server
  6. but i can join the CSGO surf server
  7. i cant find the service on my community server browser, then when i open the website and try to join the server from the website, it tell me server is not responding
  8. ban appeal

    Anyone can help me plz, i dont even know i can play on the servers or not
  9. ban appeal

    My In-Game Name: POW My Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:484831227 Ban reason: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account Ban Length: 1 month, 3 weeks, 5 days Admin That Banned Me: CONSOLE Appeal Reason: i was playing on the ZE servers, then my friend sent me a link about download some files that i need to use VPN to download. So i quit the servers and download these files. After that, i forget to turn off the VPN and try to connect to the servers, then i got almost 2 month ban by the console. So i want to know if any admins can unban my account? Thanks.
  10. General BAN Appeals ?

    i was playing ZE servers in CSGO, and my steam ID is STEAM_1:1:484831227
  11. i forget to turn off my VPN and i try to connect to the ZE servers in CSGO, then i got banned, the reason is [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account. and i want to know is anyway to unban my account?
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