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  1. False Ban

    Okay this can be closed 🔒
  2. False Ban

    I don’t think you understand. I would say the REAL time that you MFK’d and you would just say a different time because you know what time you mfk’d. So you can stop about the time thing and explain how you didn’t MFK.
  3. False Ban

    Oh and about the time, why would I tell you the time if you would just deny that you were on at that time?
  4. False Ban

    Also you forgot to add this part in the screenshots😐
  5. False Ban

    I’ll repeat what I said in the DM I watched you MFK and I banned you. I’ve already checked the steam ID and you confirmed that it was your profile. I don’t need to have evidence if I witnessed you MFKing.
  6. Falsely Banned

    I’m sorry that I can’t always record either but you made a mistake and have to deal with it. This can be closed 🔒
  7. Falsely Banned

    okay, deadly I’m sorry that you think this is ban is false, but when there is a kick happening and the map is broken like it was, I don’t really have time to start a recording or screenshot because I’m trying to ban the person that is exploiting a glitch. What I’m trying to say is that getting proof isn’t really that easy is a situation like this one. It’s not one of the things that you can just check console for, like a freenade.
  8. Falsely Banned

    There is a name that shows up when a vote is called, the name clearly said deadly awper and there was no clones on. You called the vote and got banned for it.
  9. beanbag dum

    You did not start Simon says right. You said “I’m Simon, we’re playing Simon says by the way” and then kill the people that went to a marker when you said go. You then swapped back after I sent you to T and got a 30 min CT ban.
  10. Pennsylvania pros: cold cons: too cold
  11. Your telling me it’s not normal to have bread in the bathroom?
  12. I like that idea and would like to see that happen.
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